Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sermons missing from our churches…

A friend and I were discussing what is missing in most of our churches – and why we are both having difficulty finding a church that is politically incorrect enough to tell the truth and discuss the topics that are too offensive to be acceptable by many congregations. 

We want to learn about the topics our churches refuse to discuss.  So we decided to start our own Bible study group to explore the Biblical basis of these topics.

Here is our preliminary list of sermons missing from our churches – I am certain many other topics will come to mind:

1. Fiscal conservative/Cultural conservative:  Fiscal doesn’t work without the cultural – The Biblical roots of fiscal conservatism and why they are essential.

2. Social gospel versus personal gospel:  The differences.  The consequences of each.  The Biblical foundation for one; the Biblical fabrication for the other.  The views of John MacArthur (promotes personal gospel) vs. the views of Jim Wallis (promotes collective/social gospel).

3. Why the churches ignore the Islamic threat to our culture, government, religion, and freedom.  The cults of cultural diversity and moral relativism.  Focus on misapplied portions of Scripture dealing with not judging, turning cheeks, and acceptance of perpetual sinners, blasphemers and those who vow to eradicate the infidel.  Shake off the dust of your sandals and go to the next house.

4. Homosexuality.  How outmoded and intolerant the Bible really is.  NOT!  Humans have many predispositions offensive to God.  Why are some singled out for special protection in our culture?  The “sin” lobbies.

5. The Old Testament origins of Islamic ideology and other anti-God belief systems. The distortions of the Old Testament by Islam.

All of these would make great blog topics.  Some already have.  But all would also make excellent sermon topics but I know of no churches that touch them.  I wonder why?  Let me guess:  They may be controversial and cause dissention.  They may lose members and revenue.  The truth be damned.

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