Friday, December 30, 2011

What very well could happen in 2012…

Very few of us believe there will be a December 12, 2012, Mayan calendar end of the world debacle.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of other events that can keep us on the edge of our seats in front of the computer watching Drudge, Atlas Shrugs, GBTV, Town Hall, Newsmax and your other favorite current affairs web sites.

Let’s take a look at what might happen at home and around the world.  I will list what I we might expect in three probability categories:

  • Very likely
  • Fairly good chance
  • Maybe but not likely

Here they are.

Very Likely:

Mitt Romney will be elected president.  Urban riots will follow in several cities.

Obama will make himself look as much like a conservative as he can possibly stand to attempt to win the election. This will be his Islamic taqiyya demonstration.

One or more Euro-zone nations will undergo a sovereign default

The political power of the Muslim Brotherhood that represents fundamentalist Islam will continue to sweep through countries of the Middle East increasing the threat to Israel and  the oil markets.

The “occupy movement” will resume in the Spring.  The national guard will be called out  in at least one location.

The unemployment rate will go back up to above 9%.

Food prices will inflate by at least 10% while the price of many manufactured products  will decline

Some experts will label our economic condition a “deflation.”

Fairly good chance:

Unemployment rate will go above 10%

There will be widespread rioting in several Eurozone cities.

We will have QE 3 to counter the perceived deflation.

Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities

The price of gasoline will exceed $4/gal.

Maybe, but not likely:

Widespread rioting in several American cities during the summer

Unemployment will fall  below 7%

Unemployment will exceed 11%

Obama will be re-elected

The DOW will hit 14,000

The price of gasoline will exceed $5/gal.

What do you think?  What have I missed?


1 comment:

BrM said...

I would add to the "possible but not likely" list: Hell will freeze over.

I agree with your list of various probabilities...but what we are saying is: "Uncertainty prevails."