Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ron Paul: Run from him as fast as you can!

Ron Paul went on an irresponsibly wild squeal today, accusing Michelle Bachman of hating Muslims and accusing Rick Santorum of hating gays and Muslims.

If this is how he distinguishes nuances of foreign policy and social issues, Ron Paul is way out of touch and has no legitimate claim to any public position except maybe dog catcher.

Ron Paul is dangerously ignorant about Islam and the more than obvious threat both violent and stealth Islamic Jihad pose to our nation and the west.  Calling anyone “hateful” toward individuals because they reveal the truth about an evil ideology is a thoughtless, ignorant, bigoted accusation and is acting like a bull in a China shop.  Bachman does not “hate” Muslims.  She is appropriately very concerned about Islam.  Paul is playing the game of demonizing the messenger out of his ignorance of the message.  Shame on him.

Part two:  Gays.  Santorum does not “hate” gays.  He hates the clear fact that our nation is in moral decline.  What has been called grave sin for centuries is now a protected “right” that we not only have to respect but give special privilege to.   Homosexuality is not the only perverse behavior that has come out of the closet.  Abortion, higher divorce rates, rampant pornography, child molestation are all behaviors that are more commonplace and worthy of disdain.    I would not be surprised isf Ron Paul  found delight in ridiculing those of us who hate divorce and child molestation – or even child molesters themselves.  What Ron, you love child molesters?  Sheesh!

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