Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pastors: The “politically correct” shepherds

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, used pastoral images to help make his message easily understood by his flock. 

The following is an introduction to a convicting characterization of many of our pastors and churches provided by Bill Warner of the web site “Political Islam” that I link to at the end of this blog.

There is a shepherd on the hillside tending his flock of 100 sheep -all within eyesight.  He considers all creatures part of his "greater flock" - he believes it would be mean-spirited, discriminatory really, to distinguish between his sheep and other animals.  The shepherd scans the horizon and sees the shadow of wolves forming along the edge of the ridge. The shepherd continues to tend his sheep, not really concerned about the looming shadows.  The wolves draw closer to the flock; in fact several sheep on the edge of the flock are torn to shreds by several of the approaching wolves.  The shepherd continues to tend his flock.  He refrains from chasing the wolves away because he does not want to disturb the rest of the sheep.  His actions might be upsetting to them.  The wolves have one thing in mind and are methodical and single minded in their quest.  Meanwhile, the shepherd continues to tend his sheep, believing tranquil sheep are happy sheep.  Happy happy happy.

Now please read Bill Warner's message.

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