Friday, January 28, 2011

Change in Middle East likely to be for the worse

Mohamed ElBaradei, Mubarek's major opponent in Egypt, wants democracy, change, and "new freedoms" in Egypt.  He sounds much like an Egyptian version of Barack Obama.

There are some things we need to understand about ElBaradei and the entire middle east upheaval now in progress.

ElBaradei has been vocal with his concern that Israel, not Iran, is the biggest threat to middle east peace.  Despite his appearance of moderation resulting from his service as director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), (I suspect the liberal mainstream media love him) not only has his record there been pro-Iranian, but his alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian uprising spells trouble for Israel and the West.  Just as the eradication of Saddam Hussein
 uncorked the repression that kept suicidal Islamist factional behavior at bay, the unintended consequences of democracy in Egpyt, as in all Islamic nations, will enable violent, repressive historic orthodox Islamic sectarianism and terror to flourish.  Islam has bred a population that is accustomed to and respects repression.  They revert to repression and violence when democracy provides the option of freedom.  Their culture demands this outcome.  The name of their religion mean "submission."  Nation building in the mould of western ideals of liberty is spitting in the wind in such cultures.

I'm not sure what to make of one commentator who suggests that a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt would not be such a bad thing, afteall, that's where the Brotherhood got their start.  Perhaps our own president believes the same thing.  A Brotherhood takeover is likely and it is NOT a good thing.  See JihadWatch posts here here and here.

With the departure or overthrow of the authoritarian regimes in the middle east that maintained a semblance of secularism, the most likely forces filling the power vacuum will be the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood.  And make no mistake.  Say goodbye to any bit of tolerance those authoritarian regimes may have allowed and say hello to new, improved terror-exporting nations that will make our excuse for remaining in Afghanistan disappear like a potent fart in a strong breeze.  The threat of Afghanistan as a launching pad for terror will pale in comparison to the new Brotherhood inspired and controlled nations emerging from the Tunisian "Jasmine" revolution - more misled flower children wanting "change" but ignorant of the change they will end up with.

This brings back images of the United States' drug induced flower children of the '60's who now lead our nation toward our own loss of freedom in the name of "hope and change."

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