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Islamism as a World View

World view:  Our life’s value system as informed by our fundamental underlying experiences, knowledge, and assumptions. The thoughts, opinions, and actions of each of us are influenced by our “world view.”

Darwinism, Secular Humanism, Progressivism, Post-Modernism, Spiritualism, and Christianity are all world views that shape the thoughts and actions of both individuals and civilizations.

Islamism is a recently resurgent world view that lurked in the shadows of the civilized world until the last several decades. 
A prime example of Islam’s resurgence is Al-Sadr, an Iraqi cleric who in 2006-and 2007 was involved in vicious attacks against Sunnis (fellow Muslims), including torture with drills and electrocution.  Yet recently during a 35-minute speech…
…after walking out to a podium draped in black cloth, al-Sadr had to wait almost a full 5-minutes for the rapturous crowd of around 20,000 people to quiet down enough for him to speak.  

Al-Sadr is a prominent voice anti-western vitriol and middle eastern Islam.

In January 2011, after the assassination of Pakistan’s governor by fellow Muslims for being critical of Islam’s anti-blasphemy laws, a rally of up to 50,000 people took place supporting a law that makes insulting Islam a capital offense

What does Islam have in common with other world views?  And what are some of the distinctions of Islam from Christianity?

Islam opportunistically uses other world views to further its influence and control of individuals and civilizations.  For example, it promotes in its propaganda the tolerance of open societies, especially the tolerance promoted by Christianity, to promote acceptance of Islam’s intolerant doctrines and behaviors.   Islam publicly latches on to the Christian principle of “judge not” to convince Christian cultures to ignore its vile actions and its abusive historical doctrines while it privately asserts its core intolerant beliefs.

Islam has also partnered with secular humanists and progressives to the extent that these world views claim that there are no moral absolutes, no right and wrong, no good and evil – that all points of view are of equal value.  Humanist and progressive world views enable acceptance of the perverse teachings of Islam by the large number of the world’s population who embrace these amoral doctrines.  Islam is thus considered just another choice, neither right nor wrong, despite its lengthy record of supremacism, domination, abuse, and terror.

Islam not only condones the abuse of women (at least based on a Judeo/Christian/Western world view) but also promotes pedophilia and the general abuse of children – a sexual jihad against children.

Despite politically correct rhetoric and ignorance even of many Christian denominations, there are crucial distinctions between Islam and Christianity that cannot be overcome by any similarities.  One of the most basic is the nature and character of the Islamic Allah compared to the Christian God of the universe.

  • Allah had no son; God is our Heavenly Father – his Son is The Christ and Savior.
  • Allah does not forgive; God forgives through the atoning sacrifice of His Son.
  • Allah is impersonal, and cannot be known; God is personal and desires us to know Him intimately
  • Allah requires abuse and is devoid of love; God requires mercy and is inherently loving.
Islam was created out of the mind of a single man in a hallucinogenic trance.  Christianity was created out of millennia-old actions of God as witnessed by hundreds of men over thousands of years.
Islam relegates Jesus Christ to be merely a prophet who never sacrificed himself; never died for our sins.  Christianity is based on the death of Christ as God’s atoning sacrifice for us.

Islam demands intolerant obedience and promotes any means including deceit and suicidal killings as the means of their “evangelization” and promotion of their ideology despite its expression of “no compulsion in religion.”  Christianity promotes obedience through love and tolerance as a means of seeking those who God has chosen before the foundation of the earth.

Islam is inherently not “a religion of peace” but an all-encompassing ideology that mandates “submission” by force and extinction if necessary.  Christianity is a religion of love, forgiveness, salvation, and joyful temporal and eternal life.  Imagine what eternal life with a “god” like Allah might be like.

The Islamist world view and the Christian world view are polar opposites – even to the point of the former representing an "Anti-Christ.”  The conditions and civility, or lack thereof, in each of the civilizations formed by these two world views reveal their consequences.

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Sexual Jihad - Demoralising and Humiliating the Infidels, the religious motivation behind the Islamic pedophile networks.