Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fearing being called Bigot, Racist, or Phobic

The “left” (the term “left” being used because that term captures the bulk of those who are known to engage in the topic discussed in this blog) has mastered the art of slander.  Granted, not every leftist is actively involved in slander at any point in time, just as not every Muslim is involved in violent Jihad at the moment.  But the most public voices of the left are loud and clear with slander of those who do not agree with their agenda.

Such slander most often uses the words “bigot”, “racist”, “homo-phobe”, “Islamophobe” or purveyor of “hate speech.”  Worse, the public left is in a continual mode of threatening legislation to suppress free speech whenever those who disagree with them speak out.

Such slander is intended to silence their opposition.  And to some degree it works.  The left’s name calling does silence many of us who are sensitive to such attack.  Who wants to be called a bigot or racist, especially publicly?  It could ruin careers and reputations.

Many instances of such name calling are lies that in fact do reach the level of slander or libel.  Most instances of the left’s slander are for effect, not based on substance.  Their intent is to intimidate into silence and not legitimately correct behavior dangerous to the public. 

Leftists are sometimes folk with acute sensitivity and a high level of self-righteousness regarding a particular issue. They interpret criticism of their policies as a personal affront.  Not only that but they act as if any criticism of them is a threat to their entire universe.  And so they overreact by resorting to lies and slander to defend their position which they apparently do not consider defensible based on rational argument.

Our lesson from all this as that we need to take name calling with a grain of salt.  We need to make sure we are not intimidated into becoming wussies in how we identify problems we face, whether that problem is the orthodox Islamic ideology or big socialist government promoted by leftists.   Let Obama represent those who like to mask the problem with vagueness when he calls a domestic Islamic terror act a “domestic disturbance”, or a war in Islamic Afghanistan an “overseas contingency operation.”  A major part of our national problem is we are intimidated into failing to identify the source of our problems.  If the problem is leftists, or Islam, or disease spread by homosexuality, or crime spread by illegal immigrants, we need to call it what it is.  To do otherwise fails to identify the problem, confuses people, and defers a solution.

Frankness and bluntness need to replace politically correct fuzzy BS.

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