Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Mosques should be outlawed in the US…

As politically incorrect as this may sound,there is ample justification to outlaw Islamic mosques in the United States.
  1. Islam is a fascist political ideology more than a religion. 
  2. Islam, the ideology uses religion as a cover to promote their supremacist designs through the funding, promoting, planning, or carrying out terrorist activities.
  3. Mosques, the gathering place of devout Muslims, are places for the funding, promotion, planning, or carrying out of terrorist activities and political advocacy that enable such actions.  Compare to National Socialist (Nazi) cells in the US prior to and during WWII.
  4. While mosques are portrayed by Muslims as a protected religious facility, it is more accurate to consider mosques as a “mosquearade”, a deception, a Trojan horse of supremacist fascism in our nation.
  5. 80% of the mosques in the United States are funded by Saudis promoting the supremacist and often violent Wahabbi sect of Islam.  Others are funded by Iran and other Islamic nations.
  6. Mosques can justifiably be considered sites of subversive activities that represent a clear and present danger.  They are not considered as such due to the prevailing policies of our government that define Islam as a religion of peace – moderate at its core, and distorted by a few hundred or a few thousand “radicals.”  They fail to acknowledge that Islam, at its core, is anti-west, anti-Christian, and anti-Jew and has historically consistently promoted and used violence to further its suprmacist aims through violent means as taught and exemplified by its founder, Muhammad.
Look at the life a religions founder to understand the true nature of that religion.   Look at the life of Muhammad.  Compare his life with that of Jesus or Abraham or Paul or Wesley or Calvin.
Watch the video “Mosques in America” below where Islamic experts Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem, both authors and former Muslim terrorists, and Tom Trento, Director of Florida Security Council, describe at length and in detail the dangers of mosques in the United States.

A book that describes the activities and dangers of mosques in America and what communities can do to minimize their proliferation and dangerous seditious impact is “Mosque:  An Action Guide for Communities” available for Kindle and PCs at

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