Friday, December 10, 2010

Conservatives fail at legislative semantics

There is no doubt that income taxes are excessive.  There is no doubt that our current tax and unemployment policies discourage productivity and encourage “The View/Oprah-addicted” to maintain their slovenly behaviors.

It is also true that conservatives would benefit immensely by learning lessons on semantics from liberals and progressives (LPs).  The LPs choose the words that make their socialist agenda sound attractive to the average lazy-minded and indiscriminate American. 

One of the best examples of the LPs use of semantics is the DREAM Act.  Wow!  The DREAM act.  Sounds pretty good.  No need for concern about that.  How many Americans are aware that the bill results in amnesty for millions of illegal aliens?  That DREAM stands for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors.  For every illegal alien minor granted citizenship based on loose and unenforceable criteria, dozens of related family members both inside an outside the US get a ticket to citizenship.  The DREAM Act is a dream for illegals and a nightmare for our economy, national security, and our culture.

Moving now to the semantics relating to the extension of Bush era tax cuts.  Income taxes were too high during the Bush administration.  Congress cut the tax rates across the board.  Unfortunately, there was a time limit on the duration of the cuts – to December 31, 2010.  The opponents of the tax rate cut extension calls such action “reducing taxes for the wealthy.”  Conservatives argue, getting part of it right, that this is not a “tax cut for the wealthy” – it is extending the reduction of tax rates for everyone.  What is being missed by conservatives – and the point of the whole argument – is that the wealthy are the most productive.  We are talking about INCOME tax rates here – which is a tax on PRODUCTIVITY.  Excluding the wealthy from the extension of the tax rate cut is increasing the tax on the most productive individuals in the nation – a disincentive for production.

OK, let’s hear it.  DO NOT INCREASE TAXES ON PRODUCTIVITY!  That will ultimately result in lower overall tax revenue for government or higher taxes on the middle class. 

And quit encouraging the predisposition of American humans toward a slovenly existence by continuing to pay them for not working.  Man, can we do anymore to destroy the success of our nation?  Quit calling it “unemployment compensation.”  After six months call it what it is:  An employment disincentive.  After 12 months, call it blatant counterproductive socialism.

Conservatives need to become much more aware – and much more creative – with their use of terms and their popular inference.  LPs have the upper hand in this skill set.  Conservatives need to take a page from the LPs semantics lesson manual.

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