Sunday, December 05, 2010

Who’s the numbnuts: The US or the Saudis?

The headline reads:

Saudi Arabia a cash machine for terrorists

Watching our State Department and US Presidents, not just Obama but even back to Bush and Clinton, you would think that Saudi Arabia is one of our good buddies.  There is constant schmoozing between the respective leaders.  Remember Obama’s deep bow?

Even the government of Saudi Arabia appears to be helpful on occasion when we hear they aided us with some intelligence gathering against “extremists, or they urged us to take out Iran’s nukes as we read recently via Wiki Leaks.

But we also know that Saudi Arabia is the primary funder of Islamic terrorists not only in the middle east, but in the United States and around the world.  In the US, Saudi Arabia is officially funding Islamic training centers and middle east studies programs in major cities and universities.  These centers and programs advance Islam and teach disdain for our culture, religions, and form of government.  And where did the Islamists involved in the 9-11 attacks come from?  Saudi Arabia.

The obvious questions I seldom hear asked is “why do we treat Saudi Arabia as an ally?”  Is it because of our lust for oil?  Our need for Saudi intelligence on terror groups?  Because Saudi Arabia is one of the more stable Muslim nations?  Or is it because of our ignorance of Islam and its agenda against us?

Saudi Arabia plays both sides.  Like feeding a desperate addict, the Saudis drip feed us oil and snippets of intelligence we crave.  We are more dependent on them than they are on us.  Knowing what our government knows about the continuing heavy funding of terror by the Saudi’s, we are undoubtedly the numbnuts.  If it was a single government official carrying out this sort of innane policy “on the sly” he would be fired or impeached.  But we have our entire federal government officially carrying out this policy in the open.  What insanity that is.

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