Saturday, December 11, 2010

Free pass for Islamic mosques in the US?

We often hear from Americans, including many Christians, that we should in no way obstruct the establishment of new Islamic mosques in this nation.  That sounds fair and reasonable, doesn’t it?  Such defense of this assumed right is based on the assumption that Islam is principally a religion, and that the practice of historic orthodox Islam as promoted by the preponderance of Islamic leaders today does not threaten our nation, form of government or our freedoms –it is just another religion, like Christianity, that seeks peace, human well-being, and honors the same God.

The sad truth is that those assumptions are mistaken.

The Islam in vogue today, and as promoted in Islamic mosques across the United States is more political ideology than it is a religion.  In fact it is a supremacist, fascist political ideology that has subversive designs on the US government and our constitutional freedoms.  It’s inseparable Sharia law requires our freedoms and common law, Judeo-Christian-based legal system to be subverted and replaced by crude dark ages laws of the middle east.

And the final topper is that the funding for the great majority of Islamic mosques in the United States is from Saudi Arabia, namely the Wahabbi’s, among the most Mohammedesque sects of Islam.

Unfortunately the defenders of Islamic mosques in America are ignorant of the subversive intent of the funding, the teachings, and actions that emanate from these ideological violent training center.  Such advocacy is the equivalent of advocating new Nazi training camps in the US in the late ‘30’s and early 40’s.  Such advocacy would be quite ill-advised and suicidal.

The way to counter the Islamic threat is not by placating the establishment of new mosques as if they serve the same community function as new churches.  Each new mosque needs to be seen as the establishment of a new terror cell in your community.  Short of deporting all Muslims, the best way to counter the Islamic threat is though education of individual Muslims.  They must be informed and convinced of the better way – preferably Christianity, but any other way than their self-destructive, parasitic culture that condemns rather than forgives, destroys rather than builds, kills rather than saves.  Christianity should be held up as the ideal because in its purest form it forgives rather than condemns, builds rather than destroys, and saves rather than kills.

Admittedly there is very little of this type of convincing occurring in the US because we have not yet, as a nation, admitted the scope of the Islamic problem and the danger of our ongoing pandering and placating.

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