Thursday, September 09, 2010

On burning Bibles and Qur’ans

Fact:  Our government is relieved when our military burns Bibles but most Americans are totally stressed out when a church proposes to burn the Qur’an.

Our own military burns Bibles. Let me suggest this right off:  Our troops should not be deployed to any nation where our military feels compelled to burn Christian Bibles.  But yes, our military does that.  They burn Bibles.  See this true and disgusting story here.  The reason?  We are fearful of offending Muslims.  Lt. Col. Mark Wright said such religious outreach can endanger American troops and civilians in the devoutly Muslim nation.  Muslims might be offended and harm our troops.

News flash:  Muslims are easily offended.  They do that as part of their jihadi technique of imposing Islam on the rest of civilization.  The latest is the claim by the ground zero mosque Imam that “…if you don't do this right [approve the mosque], anger will explode in the Muslim world."  Muslims get offended at our freedom and liberty.  Muslims get offended at cartoons.  Muslims get offended at the existence of Jews and Christians.  And when Muslims get offended, many tend to go berserk.  Thousands take to the streets, riot, shout death threats, set off more roadside bombs, send out more suicide bombers and torch more churches and synagogues.  They get offended and angry and intimidate through pronouncing threats and often carrying them out.  This is what they do to get their way and it is working!  This is what the Qur’an teaches them to do.

What can we learn from this?  Certain groups of Muslims are easily offended and show their offense by becoming psychotic.  But what we don’t yet realize is that the “crazy” Muslims do the dirty work of the entire Islamic “Ummah”, the worldwide brotherhood of Muslims, who support the purpose of the psychotic behavior, if not the methods. This explains the absence of, or at best tepid, condemnations by “moderate” Muslims against such psychotic acts.

Hyper-reaction to real and perceived insults to Islam in the form of threats, intimidation, and terror is the method of operation of many millions of Muslims.  And we in the west react to that insanity by shutting up and catering to their insane demands and become obsessively tolerant in the face of their intolerance.

Enough of this bull crap.  Anything that wakes up the ignorant media and ignorant public officials to this stupid self-destructive game we have collectively bought into is worth its weight in pigs and dogs.

How about the fact that the Qur’an, a seditious book, is not just an insult to millions of Americans, but is a subversive tool used to destroy our Constitutional form of government?  If our own military can burn our Bibles (that is “book burning” by the way) why is there such a brouhaha over burning a book that promotes our destruction and conquest? 

Oh wait.  Don’t tell me.  It is so we don’t offend the Muslims. 

Yes.  OK. I see now.  We burn our Bibles so we won’t offend the Muslims and we SHALL NOT burn the Qur’an so we won’t offend the Muslims.  That sounds reasonable, yes? 

Now THAT is a definition of Islamophobia.  Those of us who are speaking out about the two faces of Islam are not the Islamophobes.  The real phobics are those who demand our “tolerance” of every Islamic demand and shiver at even the thought of a shriek from a psychotic sheik.

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