Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fishy in Gainesville…

Pastor Jones of Dove World in Gainesville built whatever reputation he has on the premise that Islam is of the Devil.  This claim presupposes that he knows a fair amount about the Islamic religion/ideology.

But that presupposition got whacked across the side of the head with his now conflicting statement that he made a deal for the ground zero mosque to be moved in exchange for calling off his Qur’an burning.

Jones is “clearly, clearly shocked that Imam Musri lied” to him, he said. Shocked, I say!  Musri is the president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida.  I’d like to know his connections.  So, Jones, the “Islamic expert,” knows all about Islam enough to know Islam is of the Devil, but is “clearly, clearly shocked” when the Islamic devil lies.  Give me a break!

Click here for more information on Musri.  In short, he teaches the Qur’an to hispanics, he is buddies with Charlie Crist, he lhas links with Hamas, and he supported Obama’s healthcare plan that exempts Muslims.

Either Jones is a liar, he is truly ignorant of Islam, or he is terribly confused and disoriented.  Either way, he appears to be on the edge of believability.

An unimaginable amount of pressure was brought upon Jones to cancel the burning from all quarters.  And possibly he had this scenario on his mind to implicate the ground zero mosque and cancel the Qur’an burning from the beginning.  When people are in tough spots, many fail in the “maintaining personal honor” department.  It appears Jones might be one of those casualties.  He created his tough spot and is now on his way to spinning his way into further disrepute.

Stay tuned.

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