Monday, September 06, 2010

Observations on “Burn A Qur’an Day”

General Petraeus has joined the majority of Americans who are concerned about the provocative nature of burning Qur’ans as a form of public protest against Islam.  They are not just “concerned” – it is more like they are in fear of the predictable psychotic Muslim reaction and its consequences to our efforts in Islamic nations.  

Has the good General and others succumbed to dhimmi status in their fear of psychotic and uncivilized Muslim reaction to such things?  How far into silence will Muslim tantrums provoke us into self-imposed loss of freedom of expression in matters relating to Islam?

Petraeus would have better served America by using this event as an example of the freedoms we enjoy in the US, and the tolerance to radical actions our culture allows compared with the oppression endemic in Islamic nations.  Instead he chose the course of succumbing to intimidation and threats of violence by being critical of the exercise of our freedoms.  We condemned the Dixie Chicks for bad mouthing America in a foreign country.  Petraeus deserves the same.

That is just the point that is being made by the Dove Worldwide Outreach Church:  How long will we continue to be threatened and intimidated by Muslims caught up in the tortured teachings of a vile and violent Muhammad?

Sure, book burnings have just not been a method Americans have embraced in the past to make a point.  But this particular book burning will most certainly draw the venom out of the viper ideology known as Islam.

Many thousands of people from around the world participated in “draw Muhammad” day in response to the psychotic Muslim reaction to the first published Muhammad cartoon a few years ago.  Remember the widespread riots and death threats?  Now take a look at the myriad of cartoons of Muhammad all over the web.  Search “Google Images” and enter “Muhammad cartoons.”  We are all still alive.  The Muslim world did not erupt in our face.  Muslims need to get over their insane reaction to such things. 

It appears that the Muhammad cartoons served as a desensitizer – like a human family intervention that confronts the practitioner of self-destructive behaviors.  When I received my first injections to counter my allergies to cat dander and cockroach dust, I was surprised that the very things I was allergic to had to be injected into my veins to help me overcome the allergy.  Muslims are allergic to criticism of their beliefs and react violently.  Injections of criticism may be what they need to overcome their violent reaction.

There may very well be a violent reaction of Muslims in response to the book burning. Might that violent and insane reaction result in a similar epidemic, not of Muhammad cartoons, but of Qur’an burnings?  Might such widespread burnings help desensitize Muslims from their insane allergy to criticism?

Many of us have finally learned that acts of passivity and tolerance toward Islam have been foolish.  Being tolerant while they are not does not work.

"We must realize that when tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide"   Lt. Col Allen West 

Americans do not react violently when our flag is burned in Muslim countries.  Christians have not vowed death to those who soak their sacred symbols in urine.  Do Muslims see that as “tolerance” or lack of commitment to what we believe in?

Muslims need to be confronted with a mandate for tolerance to the same extent we are called to be tolerant.  Dove World Outreach is trying to find a tactic that will achieve that end.  Is “burn a Qur’an day” the injection that will stem the violent Islamic allergy to criticism?  We will find out.  Are there other methods to achieve the same end result.  Perhaps.

When at war, we used to bolster our resolve by mocking the enemy.  We made fun of Hitler.  We ridiculed Mein Kampf.  We mocked the Nazi strut and the Heil Hitler salute.  We weren’t chastised for doing that.  There was no concern we would incite the enemy.  What has changed?  It is our national ignorance of the evils of historic, orthodox Islam that is in vogue today that is the greatest threat.  We are going to “tolerance” ourselves into submission.

Our nation’s reaction to Islam reminds me of a friend’s story about putting his daughter through college.  It took him three years to find out he was paying for her country club-like joyride rather than her education.  He had to confront her by cutting off his well-intended largess.  Was she upset, maybe angry?  Oh yes.  Our tolerance of Islam is our well-intended largess.  Islam is on an unencumbered joyride in America.  Muslims need to learn what this nation is all about and accept it and not try to change it into their Islamic country club.

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