Friday, September 10, 2010

9/11 9 years later: Look how far we haven’t come

As we remember the events of September 11, 2001, and the holocaust it was for 3,000 souls, we need to put that event into perspective.

It was the worst terror attack ever on US soil.

It was carried out by a world-wide network of Muslims whose Islamic ideology, as taught and promoted by the most influential international body of Islamic scholars, teaches hatred toward and ultimate conquest of Christians, Jews, western freedoms and western culture. The attack was a continuation of two decades of historic, orthodox Islamic resurgence - “reformation” if you will – among the 1.5 billion Muslims of the world.

Not understanding or desiring to face the real source of the attack which was the Islamic ideology itself, the United States struck out at regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq while our then President Bush declared that Islam was a “religion of peace.”

In the meantime, Islamic interests have been building their network of “moderate Muslim” infiltrators into our educational, media, governmental, and military institutions.

Several books have been written to try to inform us that violent jihad is not the major threat, but is a tool used to intimidate and support the subversive political component of Islam: the imposition of Sharia and other Islamic influences into our society.

But much of the American public remains ignorant of that reality and of the Islamic alliances with liberal and progressive interests who are in the process of remaking America into their image, as contradictory as those images may be.

Those of us who are most concerned, and in fact best informed, are marginalized by the media as being Islamophobes, intolerant, bigoted, or racist. 

The “ground zero mosque” and the proposed Qur’an burnings have demonstrated that most are influenced more by fear of Islamic revenge than the value of our freedoms.  New York Imman Rauf has announced that upheaval in the Islamic world will occur if we dare relocate that mosque.  And our President, Generals, media, down through PTA members are scared to death of consequences of burning a book.  The message I hear from this:  It is better to stifle our freedoms than face the threats of Islam.

Here is the stark difference between the enemy today and the latest enemy we took seriously during WWII:  We haven’t identified today’s enemy yet.  We are reacting to tactics and shadows.

The Islamic ideology is the enemy, and we don’t want to admit it.  Is it fear?  Ignorance?  Alliances?  Has our leadership already passed the tipping point toward irreversible alliances with Islamic interests over the constitutional freedoms and the founding principles of our nation?

Here are two views of the state of our response to the Islamist threat to America brought to you by two influential sectors: Our government and the media.  One is from the National Security Preparedness Group and one is from Muslim-compliant ABC journalist Fareed Zakaria:

First from the National Security Preparedness Group, a bi-partisan body convened by the Department of Homeland Security to monitor the progress in fulfilling 9/11 Commission recommendations:  “The United States has failed to anticipate the danger from homegrown terrorists and now faces the most complex set of threats since the Sept. 11 attacks.”

And next from Muslim-compliant Zakaria: Zakaria asserts that the US overreacted to 9/11 and is still overreacting with a burgeoning security apparatus.  He is mining for alliances with libertarians who desire to join him in dismantling our security system even beyond that perpetrated by Obama.

So, what is the reality?  Is it the over-reacting scenario promoted by a Muslim-sympathizing national journalist, or the bad news expressed by a panel of non-partisan investigators?

Here is the reality from a typical American citizen who has been paying attention: 

The Islamic ideology is the source of the problem.  Some call it “radical Islam.”  Others call it “political Islam.”  The fact is, this is the ideology invented and promoted by a delusional middle ages man who had skills in communications, politics, and military strategy.  This is the ideology that today has remade itself in its original image and pronounced its intent to impose itself on the west by whatever means fit the circumstances.

The other part of the problem, and perhaps the greater part, is our inability to identify the enemy - our national ignorance of the Islamic methods and intent.  As WWII illustrated, we could have the most potent forces on earth aligned against us.  As long as we were united in identifying the enemy, we could overcome it.  The enemy was the fascism-driven governments of Germany, Italy, and Japan and we all knew it.

Today the enemy is the Islamic-driven governments of the middle east – but worse – the Islamic opinion makers and their sympathizers in the United States.  Islamic interests have infiltrated our nation much further than fascist sympathizers did during WWII.  Could you imagine in 1943 accepting “moderate fascists” or “moderate Nazis” into our institutions of government, education, media, and military?  But we do the equivalent today with Islamists.  We are a deeply divided nation in our understanding and acceptance of who or what the enemy is.

Even organizations which exist solely to bring the threat of “radical Islam”  to our attention accept and appease the stealthy “moderate Muslims” who have the same agenda as the radicals.  Rauf and Musri are among the thousands in the US who are cloaked in moderation but stealthily carry out the radical agenda of Islam.

The failure of our people, our media, and our government to recognize the real threat remains the sad status of our nation nine years after 9/11.

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