Saturday, January 17, 2009

Unilateral Ceasefire???

I'm a logical person. And not one who has arrived on the scene just yesterday. But this makes little sense to me.

Israel is bombarded by thousands of missiles over the past several years from its Hamas-led neighbor in Gaza whose Charter vows to annihalate Israel and exterminate Jews.

Two weeks ago, Israel finally responds, first with a several day attack from the air, and then a ground offensive into the fringes of the densely populated urban centers where Hamas missles are being fired from.

Gazan missiles continue being fired at the rate averaging 20 per day (that would be 6100 per year)

Israel announces a "unilateral ceasefire", claiming its objectives have been achieved.

Meanwhile, Hamas claims they will never cease their attacks on Israel, and continues doing so - concurrently with their vow of revenge on the life of Israels' Foreign Affairs Minister Tzippi Livni.

What am I missing here? What kind of "achieving our objectives" is this? Has Israel again caved to world pressure? What has the United States promised and how likely is it that such promise will be carried out by the Obama administration? How much trust is being placed in their good Muslim friends in Egypt?

Sounds like Israel got a case "what have I gotton myself into", like I get when I climb a 20' ladder to get a cat out of the tree, look down 20' to the ground as I hug the ladder with both hands and feet and mutter under my breath "what the hell have I gotten my self into. To hell with the cat."

Well, Israel's cat is still in the tree. I really doubt the cat will climb down by itself. It's not in its charter - I mean character.

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