Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Terms of Cease Fire

Here are the terms I would impose on Hamas/Gaza before I'd agree to a ceasefire (aka what some would refer to as "refraining from beating them to a bloody pulp") ...

* Hamas renounce their goal to eliminate Israel. Acknowledge its right to exist.
* Hamas renounce any violence against Israel.
* Hamas agree to disarm.
* Hamas provide for unlimited inspections inside Gaza by Israel and its allies.
* Gaza set up a permanant Israeli miliatry zone between Egypt and Gaza to assure no arms cross through or under that zone.
* Revise the Hamas Charter to integrate the above principles.
* Israel not permit free passage of Palestinians into Israel. Protect Israels borders.
* Israel maintain a strict cap on the proportion of non-Jewish Palestinians (or simply "Muslims") allowed in the nation either as visitors or citizens.
* The Gazan government agree to promote individual responsibility and productivity to enhance their quality of life instead of focusing their limited resources on the destruction and elimination of Israel.

What is the chance of any of the above happening? 0.0000%

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