Thursday, January 01, 2009

...because that's where the rockets were shot from!

The CNN home page headline reads "Refugee camp missile kills Hamas commander."

Note that the first words of the headline are "Refugee camp." That makes the Israeli's sound like the evil ones, killing people in a defenseless, humanitarian "refugee camp." After all, what do Americans associate with the words "refugee" and "camp" but helpless, dislocated, peace-loving folks temporarily residing around campfires toasting marshmallows. And here comes this dastardly neighbor, killing their spiritual leader. Man, this is like killing the head of the boy scout troop. The shame of it. (Note: The headline that follows the CNN home page link reads: "Air strike on refugee camp kills Hamas commander" "Refugee camp" is still prominent.)

On the other hand, this "refugee camp" was the site of additional rocket launches fired into Israel just moments earlier. This "refugee camp" housed not just the "campers" but additional rockets and munitions. The Islamists have nearly perfected their propaganda war by routinely using homes, mosques, schools (and human shields) as the sites of choice for storing, manufacturing, equipping, and firing the tools of their trade.

The more accurate and truthful headline would read:

"Islamic leader killed moments after firing terror rocket at Israel." And the story would go on..."Moments after firing several of thousands of rockets aimed at Israel towns over the past several months, an Islamic terrorist "spiritual leader" behind this terror against Israel was killed by nearly instantaneous Israeli air response. Most of the rockets and stored munitions are located in homes, mosques and schools throughout Gaza, purposely placed to achieve the greatest possible propaganda advantage. After years of rocket attacks by Hamas and their Islam-inspired hatred of Jews, Israel had no choice but to strike the source of the terror in Gaza.

Shame on you, CNN, for misusing your wonderful command of the English language to mislead and deceive in favor of your apparent agenda to discredit the one civilized entity sharing western values in the middle east.

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