Monday, January 05, 2009

Is the stronger country supposed to lose the war?

Israel is criticized by much of the world for using its superior military weapons to defend itself against "poor defenseless" Islamofascist Gaza. This means when there is asymmetrical warfare as in the case of Israel versus Hamas, the stronger military force (Israel) must not use its military force to its ultimate advantage. They need to hold back to make sure there is "proportional response." Israel needs to be sensitive to the fact that Hamas locates their rockets and munitions in private homes, and mosques. Israel needs to respect that Hamas leaders have donned physicians garb and meld into Gazan hospitals. But that sensitivity is tantamount to a call for surrender.

An American general had a word for this stupid military option: Nuts.

There is nothing asymmetrical about this war when all aspects of war are considered. Yes, Israel has its military weapons, its tanks, artillery, and world class air force. Hamas not only has its rockets, and rocket propelled grenades, tons of stored munitions, booby-trapped buildings, roadside bombs and unknown thousands fighters with their own personal weapons. These Islamofacists have perfected their own lurid practice of unconventional warfare including suicide bombers, no regard for human life, however innocent (if a person is not Muslim, he is not "innocent") and best of all, a knack for lying that has been perfected to the point wherein much of the worlds' media has been duped. See here.

When a nation is put in a desparate position, fearing for its existence like Israel understandably is, that nation must use whatever resources they have to achieve their objective despite the rules the enemies of that country have concocted. There are no human rights during war - at least during war that is fought to win. If Israel wants a continuing tenuous existence, it will listen to all the human rights complainers and Islamo fascist hypocrits and curb its military into an ineffective France-like mass of pansies.

But if Israel wants to secure its existence, it will use its weapons to their full effect and let nothing stifle their use. There is no victorious nation on earth who won a war by holding back. During World War II entire cities were bombed indiscriminantly by both sides. Look at any war in history. The ones that were lost were the ones where the loser held back.

Hamas shall bear the full responsibility of human suffering they have brought upon their own people for whom they alone are responsible to defend and protect. But, oh yeah, they do have a different value system, don't they. They do not hesitate to use their own women and children for human shields, suicide bombers, and excuses to stop an effective military from pounding the crap out of them.

Israel should not hold back and suffer because of that difference.

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