Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Trump effect on Russian clicks on my blog…

The map and table below indicate the recent national source of page views on my blog as reported by Google Stats.  Never have I seen the clicks from Russia exceed those from the United States.  In fact I don’t recall the Russian viewers being more than a small fraction of US viewers before this.

I attribute this surge of Russian audience to the “Trump effect.”  Trump has hinted at greater friendship with Russia along with his appreciation of Russia’s  assistance in our common fight against the threat posed by the Islamic ideology and the fanatics who implement it.

I have thought for some time that the alleged hostile relationship between Russia and the United States was overblown.  We have much more in common than we have differences.

Over the last couple of decades Russia has edged a bit toward the freer political and economic systems of the US.  There is still a ways to go.

And, sadly, the United States has edged toward the more regulated and less free political and economic systems of Russia.

While we have not yet “met in the middle” – there are still great differences in our political systems and economies – we are more alike than most realize:  In religion, in race, in cultures, in aspirations, and in many cases, in heritage.

Donald Trump recognizes the common interests we share.  He is a breath of fresh air in that regard and in many other ways.

Hopefully there are those in Russia who also appreciate the good that can come from those who share the reality of our common interests as well.

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

      Entry                     Page views

  • Russia                     157
  • United States      130
  • Brazil                        14
  • Japan                        14
  • China                          7
  • Italy                           4
  • Germany                  3
  • France                       3
  • Canada                      2
  • India                          2

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Brother Michael said...

Trump has found the key. It's called sincerity. I agree with you that US and Russia have a lot in common. Surely the people do. It's only the leadership of both countries that are portrayed by the press as adversaries. No Kum Bye Yah here, just a common cause and a common goal of unity.

Incidentally, Ryan, the Bushes, Romney and the other straight-laced Republican bigots need to get off their high horses and get a life. Trump has struck a chord. Catch the harmony.