Saturday, May 21, 2016

Targeted responses…

This is from the “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” department.

First up:  Oreos.

I used to love Oreos.  The last package of Oreos I bought was last week.  When I got home I opened the package and tried to remove the first one.  It crumpled in half.  I took that as a one off coincidence.  Over the next several days I tried to pluck out several more.  They all came out in pieces.  Curious about the rest of them, I found that the whole bunch were broken in half, or worse.  The first thing that crossed my mind was their trip from Mexico, crossing the Rio Grande and making their way too Florida was too much for them.  So I returned the half empty package full of Oreo remnants to Publix and traded it in for a mini Blueberry Pie manufactured where?  In Publix, probably Jacksonville, FL.  I also told the cashier who was busy selling lottery tickets that the Oreo’s trip from Mexico was too hard on them.  I doubt she understood.  Those Oreo crumbs were my last until Oreos decide to make a shorter trip from anywhere in the US.

Next up, Target stores: 

I was researching air purifiers on-line.  A product from Target popped up.  I looked at it to compare.  It might have been a contender but for Target’s gender confusion.  As a result of that Target search, I received a survey from Target.  At the end of the survey they asked for my opinions.  I wrote that I might have considered purchasing an item from them if it were not for their gender confusion and stupid public bathroom policies that pander to the perversions of 0.1% of the US population.  By the way, I agree with everything Rush Limbaugh said on the subject a couple of days ago HERE.

“It’s not about what happens in bathrooms…Everybody knows this is just yet another vehicle that extreme liberals are using to undermine and overthrow and transform the founding culture of the United States.”

Rush Limbaugh

Next up, verbiage change regarding “gays”:

I surprised myself a few days ago when conversing about our government’s gender confusion.  I actually used the word “queer” when discussing gays.  I have never done that before.  I tried to be respectful most of my life.  My attitude had been let sleeping perverts lie.  As long as they don’t force their Image result for responses to target transgender boycottperversion on others, I’m ok.  We all fall short.  But there are limits.  So I had to ask myself  “why now and why that “q” word?”  Well, there are such things as “odd” and “queer” for a reason.  But when the odd and queer and perverse and unruly and disrespectful and obnoxious and threatening get out of control and attempt to impose themselves on the other 99% of us, that’s a problem.  I think this situation has the same root cause as Obama’s pandering to criminal black hoodlums.  Obama’s policies toward Blacks and police and the law has soured the attitudes of many Americans toward blacks.  Obama has eroded race relations back several decades.  He is jamming the “rights” of punk blacks down our throat.  He is doing the same with regard to to sexual perversion – jamming immorality down the throat of parents, children and the mores that have buttressed American civilization over the centuries.   I now feel it fair game to call them what they are, “queers”.  “Just like Obama”, some will say.

Next up, Jeff Bezos and Amazon:

Jeff is a great business man and an even greater free trade guy.  He hates the idea of a balanced trade policy because it will somehow work against his business plan.  And consequently he also hates Donald Trump who favors US jobs to Chinese jobs.  If nothing else, Amazon is a great place to look at product reviews.  I tried ordering a couple of items there but product delivery would take 3 weeks or more for the model I wanted.  Further web searches discovered Best Buy’s “price matching” policy.  So I documented Amazon’s cheapest price for my air purifier that they wouldn’t deliver for a month (I guess that’s how long it takes to arrive here from China) and used that to get a great price from Best Buy – and delivered in a week.  Take THAT, Trump-hating Bezos.  I will be sure to take advantage of Best Buys’ price matching policy in the future to avoid Amazon as much as possible – at least until Trump balances the trading field between us and China.  HERE is more on the Trump/Bezos tussle.

Oh, I almost forgot…I refuse to click on Washington Post articles that don’t allow comments from readers.  I don’t appreciate one-way brain washing – especially from Bezos progressives.

These are four little ways I am making my feelings known.  If 100 million of us did the same, it might make a difference.

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Brother Michael said...

Very enlightening.

By coincidence, I had to return a box of Nabisco Cinnamon Graham Crackers (which by the way have been reduced in size lately with very loose packaging). Anyway, returned to Publix because the top sub-package of the three sub-packages in the box was missing. And the middle one had the cellophane wrapping all chewed up along an edge...sort of like a rat chewed it. This is the second similar episodes with these crackers. In the previous incident there were corners "chewed" off of the inner packages and adjacent crackers crumbled. I ate them anyway. Yuk!

Now your revelation that Oreos are made in Mexico got my curiosity up. Sure enough, Nabisco Honey Made Graham Crackers are made in Mexico. That's the end for me...with all Nabisco products.