Thursday, February 18, 2016

“America is already great”: What the oblivious and those with low expectations say.

Donald Trump’s motto is “Make America Great Again.”  Those with whom this phrase resonates understand its implications and support either Trump or another “outsider.”  Those who respond to that motto with the comment “America is already great” are either Obama himself  (who has actually said that), Obama supporters, liberals/progressives, or the generally clueless about America’s problems and opportunities. 

What do those who want to “Make America Great Again” understand that those who mock that expression fail to grasp?

Here are some clues for those having difficulty with the concept:

  • National debt:  Total gross national debt of $18.96 trillion or about 104% of the previous 12 months of GDP.[7]
  • Illegal immigration:  12 to 20 million illegal foreigners in this country and our government will not enforce existing immigration laws.   Thousands more cross our borders illegally every month.  And taxpayers are paying billions in aid to keep them here.
  • Workforce participation rate:  The labor force participation rate in October 2105 reached its lowest point in 38 years, with 62.4 percent of the U.S. population either holding a job or actively seeking one.
  • Loss of manufacturing:  In the 2000s, American manufacturing experienced the steepest losses in employment in American history and serious decline in output.
  • Growing deficit in the balance of trade:  Loss of manufacturing and the trade deficit go hand in hand.  The trade deficit grew to $458 billion in 2013.   Additionally, trade in advanced technology products, which in 1990 represented a $35 billion trade surplus for the United States, became a deficit in 2002 and has since declined even further, becoming an $81 billion deficit by 2013.
  • Poor agreements:  Our trade and our foreign policy agreements have developed a trend of placing our country at a marked disadvantage.
  • Misdirected foreign policy:  Our foreign policy has favored and incited our enemies and  harmed and discouraged our allies.
  • Islam:  Our federal leadership has ignored the truth about basic Islamic doctrine and Islam’s intentions to subvert our country.
  • Misuse of our military:  Our military has been used to “nation-build” instead of winning wars.  Our rules of engagement for our troops have made a mockery of our vets and have ended or ruined the live of thousands of our soldiers.
  • Nationalism and patriotism:  These formerly noble traits are now being portrayed as unwelcomed behaviors.
  • Civics and American history: These are not taught in public schools, or if they are, curriculum ridicule the role of many of our nation’s founders.  Most people under the age of 40 are ignorant of our founding principles.
  • Our nation’s Christian heritage and values:  These are being dismissed and excluded from public influence as if it were some foreign and dangerous ideology while Islam is being portrayed as a value to be defended.

Continuing these trends does not portend a bright future for this country.  These trends will make our existence as a “great” or “prosperous” or “strong” nation unsustainable.  We are now sucking off the values, hard work, successes and prosperity of past decades. 

Yes, we are still a “great nation”, but our greatness is withering under the weight of a miss-managed, corrupt, and self-serving government, and an excessive proportion of our population that would rather receive a government handout than muster the self-discipline to be productive citizens.  Our “greatness” is not what it used to be.

Those who dismiss the need to  “Make America Great Again” are apparently either happy with the decline we are in, or are simply oblivious to the declining and unsustainable condition of our nation.

Donald Trump is the only one who has both recognized these nation-stunting problems and has the energy, will, and ability to turn these problems around.

“Make America Great Again” is certainly a more substance-filled sentiment than Obama’s and Hillary’s “Hope and Change.”  We “hoped and changed” into an inferior nation that needs to be made “Great Again.”

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