Thursday, January 28, 2016

The faux conservative’s war on Trump…

Who is the real conservative?  And who are the fakes?

Since the beginning of the campaign, Trump has been on the right side of illegal immigration, conern about Islam, job creation, and bad trade deals.Image result for national review trump

Up until the National Review, the Weekly Standard and FOX News started bashing Trump a few months ago for his stand on these issues, I thought those news outlets were conservative.

Last August I wrote a piece titled Conservatives in Name Only (CINO) Against Trump.  The faux conservativsm of many of these people became evident back then.

These faux conservative organizations have turned out to be the real charlatans of conservatism.

How can you be against a candidate that promises to take effective action against illegal immigration and send illegals back home and still be a conservative?

How can you be against a candidate who promises to take definitive action to keep impossible-to vet-Muslims out of this country until we can figure things out (which we are a long way from doing) and still be a conservative?

How can you be against a candidate who is best equipped to create jobs in this country and still be a conservative?

How can you be against a candidate whose forte is negotiation and deal making, and desires to use his skills on behalf of the interests of this country and still be a conservative.  

I think I know how.  Two reasons.

1) When your editors and owners are beholden to those who thrive off of illegal immigration and globalist policies, and

2) When you are owned or controlled by people whose vested interests are not those of the United States.

Now these faux conservative media have kicked it into overdrive gainst Trump as their latest issues and slams demonstrate.  First National Review, then the Weekly Standard, and now FOX News. Image result for Fox news muslim owners

This image is alleged to be  Photoshopped, but it nonetheless reflects reality.

Snopes plays accountant by saying because Al-Waleed owns “less than 50%” of FOX News that the stataement that he is “co-owner” of FOX is false.  Well, excuse me.

Yes, I did Google It.  HERE is a story from NPR, not noted for taking conservative sides, that discusses Al-Waleed’s associations and interests with FOX News.

Years ago we heard rumors of FOX being partly owned by Middle Eastern Islamic interests.  These rumblings are now a lot more than rumors – they are full blown news items and their rants against Trump confirm where their interests lie – pretty much the same as the Bush’s Middle Eastern Oil interests.

On tonight’s CNN broadcast of the Trump Veterans event in Iowa, the commentators, Beckel and others are scratching their heads wondering why Trump shot himself in the foot by not attending the FOX debate.    Their short memories of the previous 15 times they were proved wrong about Trump failed them.  If you disagree, check out the next 24 hour news cycle.

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Brother Michael said...

We watched Trump on C-SPAN. He and his entourage were great. It's obvious he has a loyal American following--supported by phone call after the rally.

Thank you for the Fox expose. Fox may soon see its own fall from grace.