Thursday, January 14, 2016

Candidates on banning Muslims temporarily…

Cruz broadbrushed all New Yorkers with his criticism of Trump’s “New York values.”

All the candidates condemned Trump for broadbrushing all potential Muslim immigrants for his proposal to  ban the immigration of all Muslims until we can  figure out what is going on. 

Here is the difference.  Cruz broadbrushed millions of American citizens who reside in a region of our country.  Americans who are taxpayers.  Americans who are loyal and patriotic and hard working.  They don’t deserve to be broadbrushed.

Trump broadbrushed millions of Muslims who reside in foreign countries.  Countries whose Islamic belief system and culture are totally at odds with Western values - Islamic nations whose Muslim populations have been rife with jihadi killers, rapists and myriad dark ages vile behaviors.  They DO deserve to be broadbrushed - we REALLY haven’t figured things out yet.  The other candidates amply demonstrated this with their performance during the dabates.

Those other Republican jackasses can’t tell the difference between native New Yorkers and foreigners whose religion promotes killing unbelievers!

Thank God Trump did not back down when he was asked if he wanted to recant his statement.

Trump is right.  All the other candidates have a half-assed response that assumes the ONLY problem is ISIS or the ONLY problem is those Muslims who have openly demonstrated that they are Islamic radicals.

All the candidates EXCEPT Trump ignore the fact that Islamic doctrine requires faithful Muslims to do exactly what the RADICALS are doing.

We have had numerous intelligence failures due to our reluctance to identify the Islamic belief system as the problem.

Our recent intelligence failures in San Bernardino, in Boston and other places demonstrate that our leaders and intelligence services do not understand the problem well enough to prevent these attacks by Muslims who were not known to be ISIS and not known to be overt “radicals.”   Islam is radical.  Islam’s doctrines are radical.

All the other candidates claim we can’t offend Muslims because we need to maintain our alliances with Muslim nations in the Middle East to fight ISIS.

ISIS is not the only problem.  Islamic doctrine is the problem.

Trump’s priority is security WITHIN OUR OWN NATION before we are fully capable of being effective in fighting enemies overseas.

Kasich, Christie, and Rubio ask “what about the Muslims in Indonesia – Indonesia is an ally.  What about the Muslims in Turkey and Egypt – Turkey and Egypt are allies.” 

The reality is that Indonesia, Turkey and Egypt are crawling with radical Muslims, ISIS fighters, the Muslim Brotherhood, and millions of other Muslims who faithfully follow the Islamic ideology that promotes jihad, sharia, the caliphate and the destruction of the West.  Even many of the mosques in our own nation are crawling with radicals in waiting.

Kasich, Christie, Rubio – all of them EXCEPT Trump – fail to understand the danger of the Islamic ideology and the millions from ALL Muslim countries – the so-called “allies” and the others – that are the real and present danger to the United States as we know it.

The prioity of the other candidates is how we appear to the Muslims in the world that don’t even allow churches or synagogues.  Trump’s priority is our own national security in a nation that allows mosques.

Trump is absolutely correct on this issue.  The others favor policies that jeopardize our national security and sovereignty.


Norm Knighton said...

Yes, Cruz broad brushed New Yorkers, but, they are the ones who elected Charlie Rangle, Chuck Schumer, Bill DeBlazio and Hilary Clinton, Don't you think they deserve some kind of special brush.

Norm Knighton

Gerardo Moochie said...

I totally get the liberal New Yorker thing. But I can't stand the hypocrisy of Cruz and the others.

Cruz and the others are critical of Trumps plan to temporarily stop Muslim immigration because they refuse to understand the Muslim problem. They believe New Yorkers are more of a threat than Muslims. Yikes! They apparently would rather bash loyal, patriotic, hard-working American citizens than admit that the vast majority of potential Muslim immigrants are immersed in the Islamic ideology and culture which promotes jihad and violence against the West. It is a fact that we don't adequately understand that problem yet.

We have demonstrated our unwillingness as a nation to acknowledge "what the hell is going on" (as Trump expressed it) insofar as Islamic ideologically-spawned violence and jihad are concerned.

Cruz appears to be mirroriing Obama where he declared in his book "Audacity of Hope", "I will stand with them [Middle Eastern immigrants, 99% of whom are Muslim] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." Here's Obama's and Cruz's message: Screw the US citizens (New Yorkers and the rest of us) - stand with the Muslim immigrants who are more likely to destroy and kill than build and promote prosperity.

Why can't we quit bashing ourselves (New Yorkers or otherwise) and instead properly identify the real threats?