Friday, January 30, 2015

Obama’s hope for America…

                                                …driven by a third world mentality

Remember Obama’s lament awhile ago when he said if he had a son he would look like Treyvon Martin?  Yup, a young man who was suspended three times for truancy, graffiti, carrying burglary tools, suspected of attacking a school bus driver and a doper (his Skittles, tea, and Robitussin concoction).

And a few months later, Obama once again inferred that if he had a son he would look like Michael Brown, aka, “Gentle Giant” and used his racism to condemn the police.  The “gentle giant” was better known in the ‘hood for groovin’ on very explicit rap songs praising drugs, drinking, ho’s & murder – and later best known for robbing a convenience store and assaulting a cop.



And why not?  Obama relates to these “Obama son” role models because of his own earlier years…not merely a one time inhaler, but a fully engaged pot smoker.


Obama, and apparently those who voted for him, aspire to not merely taking the side of the disadvantaged, but taking the side of our corrupt, lawless underbelly of humanity.  Instead of promoting great role models for our nation, he embraces the opposite examples of what destroys a nation.

No wonder this photo is making the rounds on the internet…

Does our electorate really share Obama's vision for America, or am I merely experiencing a bad dream?

Why am I a pessimist and cynic about America’s future?  Here’s why:  Why on God’s green earth would a man with Obama’s beliefs and attitude toward our nation be elected – twice.  There were no secrets.  His books gave ample evidence of who he was.  His associations were well known.  His appointees, as well as Democratic candidates likely to run to take his place (Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Howard Dean, or Elizabeth Warren)  share his world view (although their campaign words will disingenuously try to distance themselves).   I will not be surprised this time if our electorate remains ignorant enough to elect one of these to carry on Obama’s quest for third world status of our nation.

Oh, and by the way, let us not forget Obama’s  affinity (and apparently over 50% of the electorate’s) for strengthening our enemies, the most recent example being his facilitation of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, HERE.  Just as his domestic policies promote wealth redistribution and divisive “social justice” for his bizarre “sons”, his foreign policies promote power redistribution by rewarding our enemies (rabid Islamist states) and dissing our allies (Israel and others).

All driven by a third world mentality.  And the democratic party and most of the electorate are chomping at the bit to continue these policies beyond 2016. 

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