Thursday, January 08, 2015

Denial that Jihad is Doctrinally Sound Islam Denies Reality…

But liberals, the ignorant and many conservatives persist in denial.

Here is the latest example of Muslim Jihad denial following the Muslim atrocity in Paris, this by undeniable liberal Howard Dean…

“I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. They're about as Muslim as I am," he said. "I mean, they have no respect for anybody else's life, that's not what the Koran says.”

Either Howard is ignorant of the Qur’an and the duality of the Islamic ideology, or he is awkwardly declaring himself Muslim.

France has suffered from the same problem Howard has – Islam denial.

French intelligence had these Muslims on their radar for a number of years.  Pam Geller notes that…

“…questions are being raised about “how Chérif Kouachi, so well known to the police for so many years, and his brother had managed to conceal their intentions. Part of the answer may be that they appear to have moved smoothly between normal immigrant society and an extremist Islamist underground.

“Sounds like there is little difference between “normal” Muslim society versus “extreme Islamist underground.” Did no one in “normal Muslim” society speak, see, or hear anything wrong? if not? Why not?

“His Paris imam urged him to kill American troops in Iraq as it “presented a better outlet for his commitment to jihad.”

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There are several things to note here. 

1)  There are more than 2.1 million Muslims in France, an estimated total of 5 to 10 percent of the national population.  France has the largest number of Muslims of any nation in Western Europe.

2)  Muslims will defend and protect other Muslims.

3)  The Muslim imams of France must not be Muslim either, since they urge fellow Muslims to commit Islamic jihad.

Islam goes beyond  attracting merely the lazy and ignorant that tend to flock to the socialist/entitlement culture.  Islam also attracts the misfits, the angry, the disenfranchised and the criminal element of western society.  While every other religion promotes moderation, tolerance, and non-violence as ideals, Islam promotes the opposite.   Islamic ideology, its’ “holy books” and teachings of the imams promote intolerance, hatred, and violence in the name of Islam.  

To quote one commentator regarding the goals and purpose of Islam:

“Not your normal goal or purpose of religion. Islam from it's inception formed a religion that was pseudo-righteous cover for criminal behavior. In Islam, major criminal behaviors are incorporated with a religious nameplate, but are in fact designed to gain overwhelming power by giving the average male Muslim believer fighting in Jihad, control of the infidels he conquers, as a criminal would have over victims in the commission of a crime, and yet the perpetrator of these crimes feels he is doing God's will.

Stolen wealth and sexual debauchery are the rewards that can be had here on earth in Jihad. This formula has given Islam the young male converts it needed to form large armies to conquer all civilizations in Western Asia and many in Europe. It is time to speak boldly against Islam as a religion of peace or even as a religion.”

Yes, “or even as a religion.”  Islam should be treated as a seditious ideology, much like Nazism was during WWII or any perverse cultish movement that desire to infiltrate and radically transform our government and culture.  Islam is even more insidious because of its religious façade which provides cover much as the Trojan Horse of old. 

Howard Dean, like most liberals and even many conservatives in the West, denies this Islamic history and their present day doctrines.  Fools, all.

Will France learn from this?  Will we?

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