Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Why I am not ecstatic about election results…

Being the eternal realist, and not quite the eternal pessimist, I do not have high hopes (no high apple pie in the sky hopes) for this election turning our drift toward bigger government, more regulations, and less personal responsibility around.  Go ahead, listen to the YouTube below as you read the rest of this blog…


Aside from the decades-old inertia of the liberal/progressive/socialist/communist alliance agenda, here are current examples of why election results enthusiasm is misplaced:

In Florida, Amendment 1 won by a large margin.  This amendment authorized Florida government to spend $1.27 billion dollars over the next 20 years to buy up land north of Lake Okeechobee “to protect the aquifer.”  Protecting the aquifer could have been accomplished via any number of land use management methods besides the government owning 100’s of square miles of land – land removed from the tax roll, removed from agricultural production, and other productive uses.  There are likely dozens of similar liberal conservationist-driven initiatives all over the nation that accomplished similar expansions of governmental land holdings.

Across the nation so-called “conservative” victors are calling for cooperation with democrats to promote more “early childhood education” which is high up on the liberal agenda.  This will just indoctrinate more young kids earlier in life in the liberal public school agenda as well as facilitate reducing parental responsibility to raise and train their own kids.  This furthers the concept of “let government do for us what we are too (pick one) lazy, busy, incapable, inept, disinterested in doing ourselves.”

In spite of clear and substantial majorities in both the House and Senate, Republicans may not be able to overcome presidential vetoes in any legislation Republicans claim they plan to adopt, whether it be repealing Obamacare, getting the oil pipeline pushed through, or recognizing Islam as an evil ideology incompatible with our culture and government.  It just won’t happen.  Obama’s promises to pursue his draconian agenda – including executive decrees to import millions of immigrants from who knows where – cannot be stopped by playing nice with legislation.  And if impeachment or similar draconian measure is tried, there will be many who will say those measures will backfire and help the democrats in 2016.  So, more likely, these Republicans will do nothing – hoping the electorate will suddenly become wise and vote for Republicans in 2016.  High hopes.

There are too many Republicans who are big government socialists at heart – even among those newly elected – to feel a sense of comfort that the conservative agenda will be very long-lived.  Their constituents will demand that they cave to government largess.  That is what the electorate has come to expect, and by golly, that is what they will demand and receive.

This is a lesson in the inertia of public greed 101.

This will make great fodder for an entertaining media over the next couple of years.  We are, after all, all about being entertained.

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