Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ferguson jihadists

What do Islamic jihadists and Ferguson demonstrators and their fellow instigators have in common?  Oh, and include Obama in that mix, too.

What did Obama offer to the demonstrators, ignoring any potential legal verdict to the contrary?

“Stay on course”

Yes, ignore the rule of law.  Screw “whitey.”  That’s the message.

He and the rest of the leftist racists are above the law and fully justified in their tactics to make their “point” however un-justified their point may be.  And what is their point?  That their uncivilized culture, their habits, their traditions, their tribes, their ‘hoods demand to be treated differently than the greater civil society they are a part of.  They demand special consideration to practice their drug use, their intimidation, their petty thefts, their lying and deceit and most of all, their intolerant lynch mob mentality.  Leftist demonstrators and Islamic jihadists have much in common.  Their sense of “justice” is not the same as our nation’s sense of justice.  Islamists and leftist-inspired demonstrators have very similar value systems.  Case in point:  Remember Bill Ayers, the bomber cum Chicago college professor friend of Obama.

And what are their “tactics?”  Not just non-violent demonstrations.  Not just “civil disobedience.”  Not just the style of Martin Luther King.  They are way beyond that.  They are promoting violent confrontation “to get the attention of the power structure.”  HERE and HERE are links to a few examples.  The Business Insider reports:

"We are in a rebellion at the moment," said Reverend Osagyego Sekou, an activist from Boston. "That means breaking police lines, non-compliance with police orders. It is confrontational but not violent."

How, exactly, do you break police lines without being violent?  And that’s “the Reverend” speaking.  How far will the numerous Bill Ayers-types go, the agitators, the Muslims sensing a crack in our civilized armor?

In fact, CAIR, a prominent Muslim front group in the US, desires to co-opt the “non-violent” Ferguson  demonstrations.  More HERE.

The FBI is warning that infiltrators will incite violence in otherwise “peaceful” demonstrations.

There will be those who want law enforcement to compromise, to “back off”, to allow a few windows to be smashed, a few businesses to be looted, a few cars to be destroyed, a few cops to be bloodied.  God forbid.  That gives special privilege to jackasses.  It mocks the rule of law.  It’s like creating a special “no-go” zone in our cities for hooligans, just like the Muslim ghettos in Dearborn and many European cities where Islamic law is given the green light to fester and terrorize.

Will our rule of law and civilizational ethics be intimidated into submission by activists motivated by leftist radicals and racists, just as the world is intimidated by Muslim activists motivated by Islamic doctrine?  Unfortunately, our national psyche is of mixed mind which does not bode well for our future.

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