Sunday, October 19, 2014

Treacherous White House Ebola Policy


Take a look at these Obama Administration policies in juxtaposition:

October 7th:  If US troops in Africa get Ebola, they’ll get treatment in the US.  (Sounds an awful lot like “if you like your current health insurance, you can keep your current health insurance.)

October 17th:  Obama to Bring Non-American Ebola Victims to US for Treatment (especially since Ebola-stricken countries are mostly Muslim)

And now this one:

October 18th:  US Troops that Contract Ebola Will be Quarantined in Liberia  (really?)

If this isn’t “kick-the-bastard-out-of-the-White House” worthy, nothing is.

He is a damned traitor.  And I don’t usually cuss much on this blog, but this is a special occasion.


This is just another stark example of how the Obama administration is misusing and abusing our military.  More HERE.

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