Friday, June 13, 2014

Obama demands compromise with the devil…

Obama is once again demonstrating his true colors, this time applied to Iraq.  He chastises Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for not compromising with the most vicious sect of Islam, the Sunni al Qaeda who are imposing middle ages sharia on their conquered territories.  This is a position of most leftists with another illustration of this given via a current Slate article HERE.

So, Obama insists that another nation compromise with the devil in the same manner he wishes the rest of us here, especially  conservatives, sacrifice our values at the alter of big brother government and fascist Islam.  These two – big government and fascist Islam - happen to be allies of convenience at the moment.

Here is Barack’s money quote:

"This should be a wake-up call; Iraq’s leaders have to demonstrate a willingness to make hard decisions and compromises on behalf of the Iraqi people in order to bring the country together," he said.

What does “compromise” mean in this context?  It means giving into the most orthodox and radical doctrines and culture of 6th century Islam – including the cutting off of fingers, arms, legs and heads as the preferred form of justice.  It means tolerating nothing but strict Islamic doctrine and severely punishing those who think or act otherwise.  This is the “compromise” demanded by Obama.

Obama believes that the “Iraqi people” want this – this “compromise.”  Well, perhaps they do.  And if they do, they will get what they wish for.  And therefore, what happens next is none of our business.

Obama’s demand for compromise by the Iraqi government is  instructive for us in the US.  He wants everyone else to compromise while he imposes his socialist, and ultimately, Islamic-inspired civilization.  He wants “tolerance” and “compromise” to be a one-way street.  A one-way tolerance.  Every one else is wrong except him.  No one else’s value system is worth even discussing.  Just compromise.

We ought to have our collective heads examined if we send anyone except the Obama Administration, including Mr. Hussein himself in person, to straighten things out in Iraq at this point.  Which reminds me of my new favorite quote made famous by the most incompetent Secretary of State this nation ever had, that we all should invoke concerning Iraq:

“What difference, at this point, does it really make?”

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A frightening turn of events......