Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Islamic terror groups are merely the military arm of Islam…

Ever wonder why, when there is a terror attack against Christians, Jews, or the West generally, we never hear widespread condemnation from the  Muslim community against these atrocities – and instead we see photos of Muslims rejoicing in the streets?   Despite these elephants in the room,  the majority of Americans continue to naively believe that Islam is a “religion of peace” hijacked by a few radicals.  Many say that Islam is just another religion to be respected.

If that is true, that Islam is just another religion to be respected, then why are 130 of the 149 groups listed as “terrorist groups” (see HERE) are self-identified as Islamic or populated by Muslims?  Most of the balance of these groups are Communist; fewer than a handful are identified with all other world religions.  So even liberals and progressives, many of whom have Communist leanings and tend toward violence (remember Bill Ayers younger days?), are outnumbered by 10 to 1 by Muslims terror groups.

Believe it – acknowledge it.  The well known Islamic terror groups such as Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda, Ansar al-Islam, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Taliban, and World Uygur Youth Congress, among dozens of other Islamic terrorist groups are simply the military arm of Islam.

It is true that most Muslims are NOT terrorists.  That does not mean that they do not openly or privately identify with and support terrorist causes.  They do.  If they did not agree to some degree with the terror that the most visible forces within Islam promote, why would they continue to identify themselves as Muslim?  Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, and Christian terrorists are extremely rare.  Muslim terrorists are legion – a predominant feature of Islam.  What should that tell us?

Our government and media incessantly promote excuses for Islamic terror:  poverty, oppression, US aggression, etc. etc.  Have they ever considered the fact that their “prophet”, their “holy books” and the historic orthodox Islamic doctrine teach and promote this terror?  Does it matter that a significant number of Islamic terrorists are well-educated and from prosperous families?

The evil is Islam itself.  The “small minority of terrorists” are encouraged and supported by the majority of Muslims.  They are the military arm of Islam.  The majority of Muslims support them.  Most embrace intolerance, oppression and terror because that is what their “religion”, their evil ideology, clearly teaches and promotes – from the days of Muhammad to the present.

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