Saturday, March 08, 2014

Russia responsible for cyber weapon infecting Ukrainian networks

Capable of disrupting public water and electrical systems…

Ukraine and Lithuania have been attacked by a computer system virus called “Snake” as complex and potent as Stuxnet.  Digital forensics identify the source as in the Moscow time zone.  It is too complex to be developed by any other than a government entity.

Here is an excerpt from the Financial Times:

“Cyber warfare experts have long warned that digital weapons could shut off civilian power or water supplies, cripple banks or even blow up industrial sites that depend on computer-controlled safety programmes.

“The origins of Ouroboros remain unclear, but its programmers appear to have developed it in a GMT+4 timezone – which encompasses Moscow – according to clues left in the code, parts of which also contain fragments of Russian text. It is believed to be an upgrade of the Agent.BTZ attack that penetrated US military systems in 2008.

“The malware has infected networks run by the Kiev government and systemically important organisations. Lithuanian systems have also been disproportionately hit by it.”

This event should inform and warn us that we don’t need to be hit by a hurricane or by an EMP attack or solar flare to be without electricity or water for extended periods of time.  Use your resources for preparing wisely.

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