Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Islam: Only religion that promotes suicide as a weapon - this time on Flight 370

In some sects of Christianity suicide was believed to be an unpardonable sin.  Now it is considered a result of mental illness that is to be pitied.

In Islam, suicide, when committed to promote the imagined purposes of an imagined “god”, is a badge of honor in Muslim culture -  especially when it takes as many lives as possible.

Islam is the only ideology (aka “faux religion”) that invokes suicide as a weapon.

Evidence points to the likelihood that the pilot chose Flight 370 as a means to commit an Islamic-inspired “sudden jihad syndrome” suicide.  If he held virtually any other belief system, his suicide would have been alone, a private affair, taking no other life than his own.  But Islam is unique.  Uniquely evil.

This suicide took 239 lives. 

Here is the evidence of this theory as provided by a terrorism expert.

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