Saturday, April 14, 2012

Secret service lapse reflects on Obama…

This is the first major Secret Service lapse (if the current news accounts prove true) I recall in my lifetime.

Yes, the dozen or so Secret Service members involved represent a small portion of all  Secret Service agents who are above reproach in their morality and performance.  Yet the moral and professional lapse of even a few represents a problem.

And I believe the problem is lack of respect for the man they are sworn to defend.  There is a cognitive dissonance occurring in the minds of many of these men who are charged with defending a man whose actions produce mixed feeling in them.  Their heart is not in their job.  So they break the rules and have a good time while they can.  It is like getting drunk when you have a catch 22 back home.

This, to me, is as logical a reason as any as to why a substantial number of Secret Service protecting our president in a foreign country have to be brought back home.  Loss of commitment due to loss of respect.

Do you have a better reason?

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