Thursday, April 19, 2012

Neil Boortz defends lesbians –“everyone should prefer women…”

Neil Boortz, radio entertainer/commentator, and all around libertarian jackass, highlighted the great divide between social and fiscal conservatives during a discussion with a caller today.

How did this conversation come about and what did he say?

The topic:  Hilary Rosen, the lesbian adviser to the Democratic National Committee who condemned Ann Romney by proclaiming Ann “never worked a day in her life.”

Neil’s caller argued that a lesbian, one who is morally perverted, has little basis for judging the behavior of a straight, stay at home mom.  Boortz took exception by challenging the caller and eventually cutting him off.  He insisted that Ms. Rosen made the right choice by preferring women because “we should all prefer women.”  He may have intended a bit of humor, but his disdain for those who claim there is such a thing as sexual perversion was loud and clear.

What an absolute jackass.  If Boortz was king, his domain would last little longer than one generation.

Boortz made it clear that he believes social conservatism is worthless.  He has little regard for traditional morality and dismisses anyone who promotes it.   He ignorantly believes there is no connection between conservative  moral values and fiscal responsibility.  He is gravely mistaken.  This could not be any further from the truth.

His striking distinction between caring about the fiscal and ignoring the moral left no doubt in my mind about how ignorant he and people like him are about what is necessary for a nation and a culture to survive.

At the same time, for years Boortz has argued that people on welfare and “stupid people” should not be allowed to vote.  I wonder if he will be the judge of who is stupid?

Pray for that man – pray for our electorate!

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