Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not even the conservative book club gets it right about Islam…

I received an ad from the Conservative Book Club today that provided a link to their several categories of books.  The only category listed for Islam was “Radical Islam.”

I emailed the non-radical Conservative Book Club the following:

One of your book categories is "Radical Islam." 

Is this based on your belief that regular Islam is not radical?  Are the non-radical Muslims the same as nominal Muslims, like "nominal Christian", generally ignorant or non-observant of their faith?  You do realize, don't you, that practitioners of orthodox Islam are, by nature "radical", do you not? A more accurate book category would simply be "Islam."

Why do we excuse orthodox Islam by inserting modifiers like “radical” before the word “Islam”, which causes the less informed among us to believe that so-called “non-radical Islam” is benign.

Islam. Is. Radical. Period.

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