Sunday, March 11, 2012

The limits to living a lie–US troops in Afghanistan

There is only so much bull crap an individual’s sanity can stand.  And apparently a US Army Staff Sargent had all the mind numbing BS he could stand just before he went on a personal unhinged vendetta killing 16 Afghan civilians.

This is a classic consequence of extreme cognitive dissonance.  Expect this unfortunate but understandable incident to incite tens of thousands of Afghanis across that God-forsaken nation to rampage in the streets in the coming days.  Hopefully one result of this incident may be to get US troops out of a nation populated by a culture we do not understand, which is diametrically in opposition to our own and which is a foolhardy waste of our resources to attempt to convert into any sort of sustainable democracy or compatible ally.

While there have been a sprinkling of similar such incidents over the previous decade of our presence in Afghanistan, I am surprised there have not been  many more.  There is only so much illogical “respect their culture” indoctrination a human being can consume without going nuts.  Beyond their training, bravery, dedication, and fighting skills, our troops in Islamic dominated countries need to be commended for their endurance of their commanders’ incessant reminders to “respect the culture, respect the people, respect Islam, respect the Qur’an, respect their psychotic behavior, trust them, befriend them, yadayadayada” all the while being broadsided by many of the same people whose asses they have been commanded to assist.

This incident is clearly the predictable consequence of requiring our troops to live a lie in Afghanistan; to fight and assist (at the same time) a shadow enemy whose specialty is deceit and deception honed through centuries of Islamic culture and indoctrination.


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