Thursday, March 22, 2012

Checklist for embracing “moderate Muslims”

It is politically correct to embrace the “moderate Muslim” , to accept him as an ally in our mutual defense against the “radicals.”  Conversely, it is bigoted and Islamophobic to suggest that Islam itself, in all its permutations, is THE real problem, a real and present danger to our country and our freedoms.

In fact, some law enforcement types urge us not to demonize the more “moderate” Muslims because it is the “moderates” who serve as informants amidst Muslims who are more prone to terrorist acts.

Let us take an inventory of the facts and relate these facts to our thought processes concerning “moderate” Muslims.

Here are the facts:

  • Those who claim they are “Muslim” claim Islam as their religion
  • Islam is a pseudo-religion/political ideology based on the life and teaching of Muhammad.
  • Muhammad is the author of the Qur’an revealed through drug-induced spells.
  • Muslims are universally taught that Muhammad is the perfect man to be emulated in all respects. 
  • The later portions of the life of Muhammad and of the Qur’an abrogate, i.e. are “better than” and take precedent over the earlier portions. 
  • It is these later portions that are intolerant, militaristic, supremacist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, and in opposition to Judeo-Christian moral and legal systems.  These portions are the authoritative “last word” of how Muslims are to think and act .  

This is the nub of Muslim belief.  To call oneself a Muslim, one basically believes in these things.

Then, if a person calls himself a “moderate” Muslim, which of these things does he not believe in?

Does he not believe in Muhammad or the model of his life?

Does he not believe in half the Qur’an, the portion written in Medina that demands intolerance, supremacism, wars and conquest, anti-Semitism , anti-Christianism, and which is an anathema to Judeo-Christian moral and legal systems?

Does he believe that the many parts of the Qur’an and other books of the Islamic trilogy that demand “kill the Jew” and “subjugate the infidel” are merely some sort of spiritualized parables?

Does he disbelieve the teachings of the huge majority of Islamic leaders and Imams throughout the world who teach exactly what orthodox, fundamental, historic Islam has promoted from the time of Muhammad?

Does he disavow the doctrine of taqiyya, purposeful deceit to defend and promote Islam?

So, what exactly does a “moderate” Muslim, even on the order of Zudhi Jasser, really believe?  What does a Muslim who calls himself a “devout” Muslim really believe?  What aspects of Islam remain for such a man to insist he is a devout Muslim?  What is the basis of their faith?

It is not just the so-called “radicals”, those willing to fill their underwear with explosives, who are the danger.  It is also every individual who calls himself “Muslim” and who proclaims the values of Muhammad and those who followed, who demand the intolerant imposition of their values and Islamic morality on the rest of the world who are a real and present danger to our nation.

Those of us who wishfully persist in embracing the “moderate Muslim” because of some comfort-invoking kinship we feel with him because he, at this moment in time is refraining from promoting mayhem, are deluded.  We need to understand that it takes balls to call oneself “Muslim” in this day and age, with the history and track record of that vile ideology.  And those who pander to Muslims, moderates et al,  may as well seek a moderate Nazi, Communist, or Satanist to associate with.

The short memory, wishful thinking, and gullibility of so many of us continues to astound me.

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