Friday, April 08, 2011

Remember when the left called him “BetrayUs”?

Remember when General David Petraeus was mocked by the left a year or so ago with the label of General BetrayUs?  Remember how the rest of us were so upset with that slanderous, un-American name calling?

Here is the good General today:

That is not a Photoshopped image.  It is the General himself being one of the “boys” of Islam.  This is no surprise since he is of the same mind as dhimmi Lindsey Graham in condemning our freedom of speech back home.  No, boys and girls, do not insult Islam, the “religion of peace.”  Respect those who become serial murderers because of the offense of a book burning or cartoon drawing, or for remaining non-Muslim, or for being born.

How would General Patton have dressed up for this schmoozing event?  Oh, I forgot.  This is not a war.  It is an overseas contingency opeation.  Patton was a soldier, not a stooge of an ideology that wants to destroy America – not an Islamist butt kisser.

Read Diana West’s take on our good General HERE.

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Anonymous said...

DAMN. That's painful.