Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moderate Evil

During World War II there were Nazi’s who were not in uniform or not even in the Axis military, but who were infiltrating and subverting our government and war effort nonetheless.  Were they referred to as “moderate” Nazis by our government and media?  Were they protected from Americans who wanted to speak out against them with mocking or insulting comments?  Were the mild-mannered, “good neighbor” Nazis considered as harmless as the Presbyterians next door?

How our sense of identifying and fighting an enemy has been degraded today by comparison.

Why are those who speak out similarly against the Islamic threat today marginalized as Islamophobes?  Were there “Naziphobes” back then?

How about the wife beater who is not currently beating his wife but believes that is appropriate behavior?  Is he a “moderate” wife beater?

Is there such a thing as “moderate evil?”  Or for those of you who believe the concept of evil is excessively “black and white”, is there such a thing as a “moderate” version of an ideology that considers itself superior to all others while asserting intolerance, promoting intimidating terror, is psychotically reactionary, and requires submission to it under penalty of death?

The answer to all of the above is clearly “NO.”  Yet we have our politicians, most media, and most of academia claiming there is a “moderate” Islam.  That belief is insanely out of touch with reality.  It is incomprehensible to me that an individual can continue to claim to be Islamic if he is at all familiar with the life of Muhammad or the content if Islamic texts.

There is no such thing as “moderate Islam.”  There are Muslims who appear moderate.  The cause of that moderate appearance is either because they are ignorant of the teachings of their faith, they arbitrarily and irrationally dismiss major components of their faith, or they are  practicing “taqiyya”, the Islamic practice of lying or being deceitful to defend their faith until they gain enough critical Muslim mass to effectively exert their requirement of submission.

We need to stop falling for the deception of a “moderate Islam.”

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