Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama “crystal clear” on identity of our enemy…

Here is a very troubling article that capsulizes the errors of our failure to identify the enemy in the wars we are fighting.

Obama’s team claims the enemy is not “terrorism” because that is merely a “tactic.”  It is not “terror” because that is merely a “state of mind.”  It is not Islam, because that is a “religion of peace.”  It is not “jihadists” because that is a “holy struggle.”

The only thing left is a virus from Mars.

Jihad is a “holy struggle” alright.  A holy struggle the meaning of which our administration is playing dumb about.  There are many more references in Islamic texts proclaiming Jihad, aka “holy struggle” to mean “by any means possible, including deceit, violence, and warfare” than the “inner holy struggle” that Islamic apologists parrot back to us.

Why do our government’s “Islamic experts” hide the truth of Islam?  Is it fear?  Is it wishful thinking?  Are they Islamic sympathizers who believe Islam is just like all other religions?  Or are they just dumb asses.  It is becoming obvious it is some of each of these.

Here is the fear part: 

"Once you attach a religious thing, you're basically saying somehow or other this is caused by the religion," Mr. Korb said. "Most Muslims are not that way." 

Oh no.  Of coarse not.

Yes, it is a “religious thing.”  Or more accurately, an “Islamic ideology” thing.  The sooner we admit to this, the sooner we will be successful and the more likely we will be to defend our own culture and constitutional government against it.  But I’m doubting our current leadership believes our culture and form of government are worth defending.

Here is the moral equivalency part:

He added, "If you put that term [Islamic terrorist] on there, it causes you more problems in the long run. You don't want to see this as a war on quote unquote the Muslim world. If I took a look at all the people, for example, who killed abortion doctors and I said they're Christian terrorists, or something like that, and they are all who have done that. That is their interpretation of the Bible. But most people are not. Some of these people will quote the Bible and say I had to go after this doctor because he's killing innocents."

Oh sure, Christianity is just as violent as Islam.  To put things into perspective, here is a list of the several terrorist acts per day committed in the name of Islam that have occurred in just the last two months.  And here is the “equivalency” Islamic defenders conjure up:  There have been 8 abortion staff killings in 20 years.  There is NO Christian doctrine that condones or encourages these acts.  Korb, the distorter, fails to recognized the differences between Islam and Christianity.  Killing (violent jihad) is ingrained in Islamic tradition and texts and is encouraged to further the Islamic ideology.  Muslims who believe otherwise represent a small minority of current Islamic thought.  In Christianity, such acts are condemned by virtually all church leaders and in Christian Scripture. 

And here is the dumb ass part:

“After all, Islam, like so many faiths, is part of America.”

That view has been revealed to us only since Obama took office.


Anonymous said...

I realize you are frustrated by the inaction of the PI mentality, but imagine the thoughts of the prolife people, as your say 7 incidents in 20 years being compared to the Muslims.

More so, thse by Planned Parenthood, latest figure:

Abortions in the United States
Total number of abortions in the U.S. since 1973: 48 million +
Abortions per year: 1,200,000
Abortions per day: 3,288
Abortions per hour: 137
9 abortions every 4 minutes
1 abortion every 26 seconds

Gerardo Moochie said...

Anonymous posted another stark example of the extreme "moral equivalency" lunacy that the defenders of Islam (who are most often the abortion proponents) promulgate.

Islam and the left ignore the lives that are snuffed out by the minority who believe human life is worth less than that of animals: A stark contrast from the beliefs of the majority who believe humans are unique and life worth protecting.