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Deepwater Horizon: Accident or Sabotage?

Update July 1, 2010 from Joe Angione’s “Conservatively Speaking” … 07/04/10

Simple logic reveals truth about Gulf oil spill. It’s time to bring some common sense into the debate about who should bear the greatest blame for the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Let’s start with some facts: This well site was the biggest hit in BP’s history, with a production and profit potential almost beyond belief. Oil experts say that, if not properly capped, it could continue to spurt oil at the current rate for years, maybe even a decade longer. Anyone who thinks BP’s top executives weren’t paying full attention to daily drilling operations, and supervising them with the greatest concern doesn’t know of the phenomenal uncertainty of oil exploration and its frightful expense. Even though BP was cited for safety violations before, only a gaggle of morons would have “cut corners” at this well site.

Whether Trans Oceanic, the company that was contracted to do the actual drilling, exercised the utmost care is not known. But the incident surely didn’t occur because proper safety regulations weren’t in place. None of the other 30,000 wells drilled since oil production first began in the Gulf have suffered such a disaster. During hurricane Katrina, more than 120 drilling rigs were toppled in the Gulf and yet not a drop of oil reached coastal beaches and wetlands.

Drilling management errors and worker carelessness may have contributed to Deepwater Horizon’s failure, but only a thorough investigation will tell for sure.

What isn’t being seriously explored, at least not yet, is the possible role of purposeful “foot dragging,” including White House rejection of foreign clean-up assistance, in the terribly slow response to the disaster.

Columnist David Limbaugh, has written of the close ties between the manufacturers of the dispersant chemicals used in the clean-up process and friends of the Obama administration. The chemicals are very expensive, toxic to fish and animals, and have been banned in other parts of the world. Yet, the more the well gushes oil, the more of these dispersants are employed. So far their use, in the hundreds of thousands of gallons, has been highly profitable for producers and, possibly, for their friends in Washington.

At least as bad, and probably worse, is the possibility that sabotage played the leading role in the massive oil leak. If environmental extremists wanted to destroy the future of all off-shore oil drilling, the Deepwater Horizon would be the well to sabotage. It was no secret that this well would be a humongous producer and, if tampered with, a potentially monumental polluter.

No examination of this disaster can be complete without a special investigation into those on the oil rig who might have connections with radical environmental groups, and who might have been paid handsomely to spring the leak. Such an investigation might find criminal associations between “green freaks” in the Obama administration and those fanatics who believe in man-made global warming.

My original post:

Was the explosion, fire, and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon an accident compounded by insufficient safeguards or was it something more conspiratorial? There is some growing suspicion, that, given the nature of the Obama administration, this would be an event that serves his agenda well. Obama’s agenda:

  • Promote third world interests at the expense of the US.
  • Promote global environmentalism over energy independence.
  • Promote middle east Islamic interests over US interests
  • Weaken the US economy to strengthen centralized government, control, and power.

Some speculation revolves around environmental extremists trying to make a point. Others suggest a “black ops” mission sponsored by White House insiders. Among the several hundred workers on the platform, is it possible it could have been an “inside job?” Or was there a highly trained team of outsiders who might have triggered the event?

I am not a “conspiracy theorist” by any stretch. I do not believe 9-11 was an “inside job.” And I hate to even consider that people inside our government would plot such a thing. Obama is a different case, however. He has demonstrated his eagerness to undo America in so many ways on so many levels. “Audacity” in his remaking of America in his third-world image is an understatement. And I am not the only one thinking this.

Mr. Obama said SWAT teams were being dispatched to the Gulf to investigate oil rigs and said his administration is now working to determine the cause of the disaster. Huh? What do SWAT teams know about investigating oil rigs?

Here is some food for thought from another blogger…

Do They Suspect Sabotage?

Glenn Reynolds points out the odd behavior of law enforcement agencies in the growing Gulf oil spill disaster.

Mr. Obama said SWAT teams were being dispatched to the Gulf to investigate oil rigs and said his administration is now working to determine the cause of the disaster...

...Napolitano said the Homeland Security and Interior departments are conducting a joint investigation into what caused the explosion on the rig.

I understand that Homeland Security may have a valid role investigating the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion, especially if there are concerns that it may not have been an obvious accident and that sabotage needs to be ruled out.

But unless SWAT means something in some other context than paramilitary special weapons and tactics teams, I'm not understanding why these units are being deployed to oil rigs, when to the best of my knowledge, that is both well outside their normal jurisdiction, and presumably, beyond the average SWAT team's skill set.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not bad-mouthing SWAT officers, but how many of them have the kind of background to investigate oil rigs? The logical use of such teams on a rig would be to provide security and deter criminal actions, right?

So why does the President think that oil rigs need SWAT teams instead of engineers?

at April 27, 2010 05:12 PM

And here is another…


PostDateIcon April 24th, 2010 PostAuthorIcon Author: Voice

Burning Oil Rig

FOLKS…on 04-24-10AD…have any of you begun to wonder what might be afoot in terms of conspiracy to advance the NANNY STATE by whatever means? let me give you some ‘for instances’ and you conclude as you will:

1. OBAMACARE was up for a Senate Vote. ALL of a sudden there was the UNDERWEAR BOMBER.

2. There was bickering about Mexico and trade…open and free…and the UNIONS demanding OBAMA interrupt and direct in order to advance UNION GOALS. In a few weeks of that revelation of UNION demands…the Mexican Drug Wars began. AND oddly…the DRUG GANGS are blamed. The one aggregate of entrepreneurs who want absolutely NO PRESS…NO PUBLICITY…none….were picked upon whom to lay blame. However, the DRUG BOYS AND GIRLS would be the last collection of people to begin shooting and killing.

3. When there was steam building against the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), and public sentiments for the COAL INDUSTRY FIGHT were running high against the EPA…when such was beginning to tip in favor of unhampered markets free of red tape and taxes…there was a NEED for a COAL MINE DISASTER. And right on schedule…fitting to help OBAMA and his Hun-horde OF socialists and Eco-fascists…at a MASSEY MINE…in WEST VIRGINIA…a COAL MINE DISASTER arrived killing 25. HOW it occurred…nobody knows! Who was careless…nobody knows.

4. NOW…there was a need for domestic OIL drilling. OBAMA had given his conclusion that some domestic OIL drilling was good for everybody. There was a backlash…in the OBAMA corner…and…it was so bad…OBAMA needed a disaster in the OIL INDUSTRY. And right on schedule…BOOM…OIL RIG in Gulf on fire and nobody KNOWS HOW it happened. It was an OIL RIG the government had issued some ‘REPAIR AND REPLACE’ directives…just…as they had done at that specific MINE.

WHAT IF…what if…OBAMA has a BLACK OPS TEAM. Certainly BUSH refused to use it as brazenly as OBAMA. Yet…the stakes are too high now. Might it very well be that OBAMA has elected to deploy the BLACKS OPS TEAMS? OBAMA is trying to impose his NANNY STATE because the opposition is growing. He knows he must secure all entitlement programs and control over as much industry before November of 2010 and November of 2012. He knows the PEOPLE are becoming aware of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of OBAMA and his vermin Hun-horde in Congress and elsewhere.

The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is attempting to preach and teach that ’slavery is good….freedom is bad’. With such assistance by the MASS MEDIA 24/7, 365 OBAMA hopes this MANTRA will CHANGE the opinion of enough VOTERS so he can continue to RUIN America and set up his NANNY STATE with its control and directive from cradle to grave. By using the BLACK OPS TEAMS in the manner listed above…OBAMA has been able to deflect public scrutiny at crucial moments.

FOLKS…we are in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Obama is using BLACK OPS TEAMS to create havoc when needed… fear when useful…and strategic NOISE to distract and confuse. Please consider what might be afoot. Perhaps…you are as I was…refusing to accept the OBVIOUS conclusion because OBAMA has children and he could not possibly want their “future” in some stifling NANNY STATE instead of “a future” in an unhampered market breathing free.

BUT…the more I connected these DOTS…the more it became too much to hold back. I changed my mind about him. Maybe OBAMA really is: MARXIST ON MISSION! AND… as such… he simply doesn’t care about window dressing such as children…not to a MARXIST…the MISSION is all-important…sacrificing his children would be something a MARXIST dreams about doing. A MARXIST will cut his own mother’s throat to advance the interests of MASTER-STATE.

And check out this link to Rush Limbaugh’s discussion.

We are all suggesting that this disaster may not be a simple case of the failure of technology and inadequate safeguards (e.g. it is unwise to install aircraft-catching nets around tall buildings). There are a number of plausible reasons why it may have been purposefully triggered.


Bill said...

it looks more & more like a deliberate act/ with 11 casualties and serious burns. not an accident...

Moe said...

Have you ever considered that perhaps Obama is as uninvolved in this "conspiracy" as Bush was uninvolved in 9/11 (though fans of that conspiracy like to point to Bush).

I think people who point fingers at the president, whomever he happens to be at the time, are missing the point that, if such conspiracies exist, they wouldn't begin and end with the president of the U.S., but would be much higher, much grander, and much more involved.

Your attempt to brand Obama as a mastermind of this disaster reads exactly like a blog post by someone blaming Bush for 9/11. In so doing, you merely follow the pendulum left to right while missing the point that the truth exists in neither sphere.

Gerardo Moochie said...

Those who are suggesting sabotage are not necessarily pointing fingers at Obama as much as they are suggesting that environmental (or other) terrorists may be involved.

Radical environmentalists DO have a track record for committing such acts. Nonetheless, Obama's anti-carbon-based energy agenda does benefit by the result, doesn't it.

9-11 is a poor analogy on several levels. First, there is no argument that 9-11 was sabotage - by the terrorist wing of the Islamo Fascist ideology. The nut cases just don't believe who the obvious saboteurs were. Additionally, the two events, 9-11 and the Gulf oil blowout, are not at all equally observable and verifiable events. 9-11 was in a large city witnessed by 1,000s and with clear motive and ultimate capture and conviction of the perpetrators. The oil/gas blowout was in the the middle of the Gulf, potentially 5,000 feet below the surface with a very limited number of observers. Just sayin'.

Savvy said...

You have to seriously look at the workers sabotage. Yes BP has been found in violation of safety rules, but the company does not do unsafe things, the shyster workers guided by their attorneys for multimillion dollar claims do. And usually these same employees alert the inspectors and regulators and show them the violations that they have created and produced. Knowing Louisiana and its litigious environment and ingenuity for employee class action lawsuits, I have no doubt that is was conceived, planned and executed by the BP workers and their attorneys who like those BP workers in Texas wanted to hit the injury claim jackpot. Now leave it to corrupt and incompetent government of LA and USA to maximize the damage for the biggest shakedown of foreign corporations that will dwarf the UBS, Toyota and all others in Louisiana history. I hope this is the final lesson all other corporations need to leave Louisiana for the corrupt and shyster population of the state which was founded by the pirate, Jean Lafitte.

Anonymous said...

I think that there is a strong likelyhood that it was sabotage. Not by the administration, that would really be stupid. If there was sabotage, you have to realize who would most benefit. I submit it would be the environmental extremists who have done things like this before. They burned down an entire subdivision in California.

DerDenWaldLiebt-965 said...

The most benefit is, to push the Oil-price.Cui bono?