Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doubting the relevance of the Islamic threat…

One visitor to our local Tea Party group expressed concern about a flyer titled “Islam Quick Facts” on one of the tables in the Tea Party meeting hall, one flyer among a dozen other flyers.  This particular flyer portrayed Islam as an ideology incompatible with our Judeo-Christian values; an ideology that many are ignorant about, is a real threat to our culture and way of life, and which requires our attention.

She was concerned that the flyer on the topic of Islam is a distraction from “the more important agenda of the Tea Party”; such things as the national economy, socialism, and health care.  She was also sensitive to the potential criticism the Tea Party might receive for portraying Islam in a negative manner at this point in time prior to an important election.

While there are a variety of opinions about what our priorities need to be, some folks need to be reminded why the Islamic ideology deserves to be among our top priorities.

Here are several things about which this lady needs to be reminded:

We were attacked on September 11, 2001, in the name of Islam by Muslims from Muslim nations who have expressed a desire to destroy America.

Muslims around the world celebrated that attack.

We are fighting wars in two separate Islamic nations in part as a consequence of that attack.  We are expending thousands of lives of young men and women and billions of dollars in carrying out these wars as if the Islamic ideology has little or no part in what we are fighting.  We have only a vague, waffling idea of what constitutes “victory” in these wars.  At the same time we lack an adequate understanding of the historic, orthodox nature and goals of Islam that is supposedly behind our reason for being involved in these wars the first place.

Our nation acknowledges an ongoing threat of terrorism. All such attempts have been committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. We expend hundreds of millions of dollars on measures to monitor and prevent potential terrorist attacks.   Yet our government insists that such attacks have nothing to do with Islam.

There are enclaves in a number of American cities containing thousands of newly immigrated Muslims who are preferring not to assimilate, but instead insisting on imposing a separate Islamic legal system called Sharia law and who desire to subjugate non-Muslims to Islamic “morality.”

There is a well-documented historic, orthodox Islamic ideology that is resurgent after decades of relative inertness.  Historic, orthodox Islamic ideology is supremacist and intolerant, has expressed its hatred of Jews and Christians, and considers its highest priority the subjugation of nations of infidels and imposing the Islamic ideology across the globe.

There is abundant documentation that there are alliances between progressives, liberals, socialists, Communists and Muslims with a common purpose:  To undermine and destroy the culture, religions, economy, and constitutional government of this nation to make way for their versions of utopia.

The Islamic ideology promotes purposeful deceit in protecting and furthering the aims of Islam.  This includes deceit in revealing the motives and methods of their ideology which explains much of the ignorance of the media and general population of the nature of Islam.

Aren’t these things enough to raise our concerns about the Islamic threat to a high priority level?  If not, we are surely a people who have lost our way.  The Islamic threat is deserving of our concern right up there with our economy, socialism, and health care. 

First we need to educate ourselves, then our Tea Parties and related organizations, and then our pastors, priests, and rabbis.  Armed with the truth about Islam, we need to assure our elected officials have an accurate understanding of the Islamic ideology and have a clear action plan to deal with the Islamic threat.

There will always be people who doubt this threat exists.  There will always be people who think that mentioning this threat is a “distraction” from more important priorities.  Ignorance of the threat does not diminish its reality and the need for our recognition and understanding of that threat.  If there are more important priorities, I am not aware of them.  Certainly the existential threat to our way of life promised by the majority leadership of the world’s Islamic leadership is worthy of our attention to a degree at least equal to our economic and health care challenges.

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Anonymous said...

Good piece. Wake up America and lean what the Islamic Jihadists are doing to the U.S.A.

Dare not wait for Devine intervention. The expression is God helps those who help themselves.

If you wait for your neighbor to protect you , maybe he is waiting for you.
Meanwhile the Islamists are continuously taking action.