Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time to vent about Obama again…*

OK.  I admit it.  This “blog” is my emotional outlet when I get frustrated about the cluelessness of our electorate, our nation’s entitlement mentality, the hell-bent desire of our government to be our Mama, and especially now, our Islam-loving, radical socio-Commy President in just about everything he does.    What percentage of the ignorant electorate voted for Obama because they were getting “free money from “Obama’s stash?”

Obama is fulfilling their expectations. Hussein O. is rapidly changing the US into the Obama Mama.  And the arrogant, out of control Congress is facilitating his radical, nation-destroying agenda.

Those who support Obama’s radical agenda will absolutely deserve the consequences of his actions over the next several decades.  Most haven’t been paying attention, they are clueless about this nation’s Christian underpinnings, entrepreneurial history, and legendary individual initiative.  Their own self-indulgences overshadow any capacity to appreciate our history.  Does no one care about the future of this country?  Or is the “now” the only thing that matters?

I have never heard so many folks in their later years express thankfulness that they will not be around to experience the grief that Obamas policies will bring down.  And I imagine the yuppies, gen-X’ers, and the Hollywood and academic elite will be just as glad that the old conservative farts are out of their way so they can party on, unencumbered with their Obama Mama state.  Have fun, children.

* I sincerely hope no ultra-sensitive liberal takes offense at my rant and accuses me of inciting mayhem.  My dad often used the expression “pounding tar” when anyone expressed some inane accusation.  That expression would have some applicability in this case.  Now here is someone who is a bit more excited and a little more animated than I am: David Manning – daring to say what many Americans only think.   A very sensitive liberal friend sent this link to me.  Manning is the right wing equivalent to the left wing black liberation theology racist America-hater Obama spent 20 years with – Jeremiah Wright.  My friend doesn’t realize how really prophetic Dr. Manning might be.  Interestingly, Manning is not the racist Wright is.  In fact Manning would join in with the whites who are livid over what Obama is doing.

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