Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palin is one of THEM!

Well well well.  It seems that dear Sarah cannot keep her principles intact – just like most of the others.  She had to endorse John McCain for Arizona Senator over J. D. Hayworth.  As you probably know, McCain has been a proponent of legalizing illegal aliens, the immigration “nuclear option” aka “amnesty.”

J. D. Hayworth, who, by the way, has markedly gained in the polls against McCain, has been and remains a staunch proponent of controlling our borders.  Anyone who is endorsed by Joe Arpaio and Chris Simcox is a candidate worth voting for.  Hayworth is.

So, Sarah has sunk to the depths of political back-scratching by her  payback endorsement of McCain, the weak-willed, milk-toast, get along with everyone, conservative flip-flopper.

By the way, while Sarah gives entertaining speeches, her performances do not hold a candle to Mitt Romney’s.  I saw him in person last night giving a stand up one and one-half hour performance “in the round” to a group of 300 or so.  No podium, no notes, no reminders on his hands.  He received applause every 20 seconds and hearty laughs with every political joke he offered.  His book “No Apologies” lays the foundation for his campaign beginning in 2011.  Just for grins, read the acknowledgements section of Romney’s book and compare it to the acknowledgments section of Obama’s book, the “Audacity of Hope.”  Obama audaciously cites left wing radicals, socialists and communists in his while Romney cites patriots, business and economic experts, Christians, and national security experts in his.  What a stark contrast.  How refreshing “No Apologies” is compared to the destructive crap we hear from Obama.

Speaking of books, viscerally  I couldn’t bring myself to part with $20 for Palin’s book.  I couldn’t hold myself back from buying Romney’s “No Apologies.”  “Audacity” was a Christmas gift from my daughter three years ago.  She hasn’t apologized yet.

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