Sunday, March 28, 2010

They got the wrong ant hill…

Imagine a small ant hill, about 3/4 of an inch tall, occupied by 32 common ants, never known to bite or sting, who were constructing defenses against the threat next door.  Next door is an ant mound, about a foot and a half tall, occupied by thousands of a new specie of killer fire ants that have a well publicized record of wrecking havoc across the countryside.  The property owner, a farmer, is somewhat fond of insect cultural diversity.  He marshals all his resources, a flame thrower, insecticides, and ant traps and decimates the small ant hill.  After all, the fire ant mound must be protected in the name of insect cultural diversity.

The FBI and ATF are that farmer.  The small ant hill is the tiny Christian militia.  The huge killer fire ant mound is the large festering Islamic population in the region. Janet Napolitano, who issued the priority order for the raid, is the farmers brain.  Pity the poor hapless farmer whose brain suffers from a form of small-ant-ziety complicated a debilitating phobia against kicking the fire ant mound.

HERE is the real story, no less perverse. And here is the take from Atlas Shrugs, another conservative web site.

Ask yourself these questions:  Did these so-called “Christian Terrorists” harm anyone yet, never mind kill scores of people?  Do they have any prior record of terrorism?  Compare this with Islamic terrorists in this country who have a well-documented record of carrying out successful terror missions killing dozens, not including 9-11, and tens of thousands world-wide. How is it that the alleged “Christian” group is taken down before they even conduct one “dry run”, while dozens if not hundreds of Islamic terror cells and mosques are indoctrinating and plotting against America amidst a backdrop of numerous successful Islamic terrorist attacks?

One or a combination of the following is probably the reason.

  1. There are infinitely more attempted attacks by Muslims than Christians and by shear force of numbers, several Muslim attacks are bound to be successful.
  2. Muslims are more discreet in their tactics due to their cunning ability of “taqiyya”, the Islamic doctrine of deceit to further Islam.
  3. There is a bias in this nation in favor of protecting the cultural diversity of the Islamic faith, while there is a growing hostility against the Christian faith.

All three reasons are true.

Not meaning to defend terrorists of any stripe, but just pointing out an incongruity:  Don’t you think that with the record of Islamic violence and threats that have already occurred in this nation that our federal government would have different priorities?  I wonder if our government were more focused on addressing the Islamic threat if half of our militias would even feel a need to exist.  If the average citizen really believed we were safe, there would be little reason to take our security into our own hands.  There is an obvious growing distrust in our government to defend the interests of the very ones who feel strongest about the value of our nation.

Actually, I’m leaning toward this whole event being an Obama administration-inspired fabrication to justify their political motives in the eyes of the American people.  I’ll retract when terrorism convictions are upheld, not just weapons violations.

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