Monday, February 01, 2010

ABC’s Islamic Logo



Has anyone else noticed the ABC logo on the the lower right-hand corner of the picture during ABC newscasts?  Not just the static ABC circle, but the animated version.  Every 10 seconds or so, it becomes animated and morphs into what appears to be the Islamic symbol.  The bottom photo shows the last stages of the animation.  It shows up much better in the actual animation.

Check it out during the next Diane Sawyer (aka Miss Oblivious) newscast at 6:30 weekdays and see what I mean.

Question for ABC News producers:  Can’t you have an effective logo without appearing very similar to the logo of a religion that vows to kill Jews and Christians aka “Infidels” and in whose name terror is spread across the globe?  Can you imagine in 1940, if we had TV then, a logo flashing across the screen every night that looked similar to the Nazi Swastika?

Fascinating, Scottie.

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