Wednesday, February 03, 2010

“You don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas”

There are not many things I agree with Obama about, but the above quote is one of them.  And of coarse, the Mayor of Las Vegas declares that Obama is not his friend because of Obama’s admonition.

While it is true that Obama has a paternalistic nature and chooses to run government in that mode, it is becoming more obvious that many in this nation have become so personally irresponsible that they need and welcome that paternalism.  A match made in heaven.

I can imagine a City of brothels, whose tax base is steeped in sex.  And then along comes some do-gooder who says “you don’t blow a bunch of cash in Brothelville.”  Of course the mayor of Brothelville would be upset.  The same could be said of Cocaineville or Molestville.

Already entrenched in our culture is government sponsored and heavily promoted gambling:  The Lotteries.  The whole nation is “Lotteryville.”  One negative statement from a prominent official about blowing a bunch of cash on lotteries would counteract millions of dollars in state lottery promotion.

So it’s true.  In this sense Obama is out of step with decadent America – a nation that promotes unproductive and in many instances self-destructive behaviors to raise cash to run government.

I’m glad he said (twice) what he said about Vegas.  More government officials ought to say the same thing about government run lotteries and other government schemes that prey on human weaknesses.

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