Friday, January 15, 2010

What Haiti, New Orleans, and Detroit Have in Common

As it has been said by many of diverse political and religious views:  Haiti is going through hell.  Pat Robertson asserted that Haiti is cursed because of their “pact with the devil.”  Others see this merely as another random “act of God.”

I see the devastation and death as a result of a multitude of random acts of human ignorance and gullibility - and the “entitlement” attitude our federal government teaches.

Ignorance enables gullibility to cheap, easy fixes to life’s desires and challenges that often prove defective. 

Ignorance of what? 

  • Ignorance of the need for a deeply held spiritual belief that we are created in the image of our Creator and He seeks our happiness, individual freedom, personal initiative, and perseverance to accomplish good.
  • Ignorance of the need to free the human spirit to create and produce
  • Ignorance of the need to limit the role of government and other dictatorial influences such as gangs, tribes, and dictators.  This includes the need to provide just enough government to maintain civil behavior and defense from attack – no more.  All the rest including education, commerce, and health care should be done principally by cooperative private arrangements with the role of governments limited to administering the legal system necessary to facilitate these activities.

Haiti, New Orleans, and Detroit are all governed by leaders who are ignorant of all of these essential tidbits of enlightenment.

All three places share a common consequence of their ignorance.

The consequences to Haiti have been known for decades.  Despite hundreds of millions of dollars of aid being poured in over the  years, Haiti remains among the poorest of the worlds nations.  The question is asked:  Where did the money go?  Contrast Haiti with the Dominican Republic, two nations that share the same small island (from Gallop):

The beautiful Caribbean island of Hispaniola is shared by two increasingly disparate nations – Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Haiti, which occupies the western one-third of the island, is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. At the request of the Haitian government, United Nations forces began mobilizing in December in an attempt to clean up the results of decades of drug-related gang violence, high unemployment, sweeping poverty, and corrupt dictatorships.

The Dominican Republic, on the eastern side of Hispaniola, is a rapidly developing democracy. It's hardly a rich country; one-quarter of Dominicans live below the poverty line and the nation is plagued with extremely high levels of income inequality. But it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, and this fact -- along with productive agriculture, telecommunications, and manufacturing sectors -- is bringing consistent GDP growth.

The current consequence is tens of thousands of deaths resulting from a natural disaster that would kill a fraction in many other nations.  Why?  Haiti has inferior building standards.  Why?  To cut costs.  Why?  They cannot afford better.  Why?  Because they have little freedom to be more creative and productive.  Why?  Because of corrupt leaders.  Why?  Because the general population is ignorant of several basic principles of enlightenment.  They have become dependant and helpless.

New Orleans has much in common with Haiti.  The same conditions exist in New Orleans as in Haiti.  Corrupt leaders and corrupt religion led to corrupt beliefs about the value and responsibility of the individual  The consequence has been demonstrated by the aftermath of Katrina.  That natural disaster proved much of the population had become dependant and helpless.

An “act of God” did not destroy Detroit.  No natural disaster destroyed that City.  It was destroyed by the actions of men.  Need pictures of the condition of Detroit?  Here they are:  Video.  It was destroyed by the same forces that led to the destruction of Haiti and New Orleans:  Ignorance of the value and responsibility of the individual.  Allowing liberals and other deceivers to condition the population to be dependant on government.  Immigration and multi-culturalism also helped destroy that City.  Is it any surprise that Detroit has had for years the largest concentration of Muslims in North America – the new culture that brings a dark age mentality to America?  Detroit is a poster-city for what awaits America as we continue to enable the same ignorance that inflicts Haiti, New Orleans, and Detroit – the culture of entitlement – the culture of waiting for someone to do it for us.

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