Monday, March 16, 2009

Neil "Private Sector Can Do No Wrong" Boortz

This morning I listened to an outrageous encounter between Neil Boortz and a caller who was concerned with the slimy behavior of AIG execs regarding their 176 million dollar bonuses. Boortz challenged the callers' condemnation and the credibility of her concerns with the incompetence and greed of AIG execs by demanding that she name the execs who shouldn't get the bonuses - as if their vile behavior wouldn't exist if she couldn't name the greedy bas-turds.

From www.The "AIG has argued that it contractually obligated to pay the bonuses." Yeah, just as "contractually obligated" as the line workers at GM, who will be giving up not only bonuses but salary to help keep their company afloat. Just as "contractually obligated" as any worker who sacrifices days of work to allow coworkers to keep their jobs.

Boortz, have you always sided with the greed-hounds who have no concept of self-sacrifice?

Listen up Boortz, you libertarian fool. Your credibility goes down the toilet when you use condescending and paternalistic debate tricks to discredit your callers. You are attempting to defend the indefensible. No wonder your caller hung up on you.

Perhaps it is your shtick to be a contrarian. But to be the one out of one million folks who believe the AIG execs who were the cause celeb of their company's downfall should be rewarded with bonuses equaling the amount of taxpayer bailout dollars is insane.

You have amply demonstrated your belief that anything "private sector" is golden, greed and guilt free. And anything "government" is evil. That is a distorted view of life.

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